Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 months

i just adore our tubby little monster in her 6 month clothes. we are all moved in and almost all settled and boy am i glad! moving with a baby was HARD. she just wanted to be held and i just needed to paint and box and move all day. craig didn't have any time off from work so it was my job to make sure everything happened and thank goodness i had so much help. my friend audrey held her the first evening while we finished painting one room and then the rest of the week her gigi just held and snuggled and loved her day after day while she threw a fit. she really found her voice that week and for the first time really started to cry and now that she's learned how she uses it quite a bit more freely. oh well, i guess she couldn't just not cry forever. she's still a happy baby and we are ALL a lot happier in our new place. we just needed a change, a clean start and a new direction to grown in. but again, i'm glad it's over. next time we move i want it to be into our forever house.

kahree is rolling over by herself now, which is just so delightful. i love whenever she learns new tricks, i wish we had been better at keeping track of them all. right now the biggest things that's been going on is her intense interest in our food. she's been desperately reaching for it and trying to share it with us for a couple weeks now. since she's so into it i think we're going to see if she'll eat solids now even though it's earlier than we originally planned. no big deal if she's not into it but i kinda hope she is, it'd be so much fun to share food with her finally! sharing life with our daughter is just the best thing that we've ever been able to do.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

like the peacocks wandering the walkways of the zoo

craig and i took our littlest to the ZOO! for two dollar tuesday. which is now apparently four dollar thursday but still good. besides chubby smiles and giggles and a billion animals there was yummy fudge, elephant ears, and i had my first snow cone ever. which i ended up dropping down my shirt after enjoying most of it.

the little goose didn't cry at all except for when a certain larakeet screeched at her a bunch. she tried to be friends but eventually her tiny lip startd trembling and then she just started bawling. ha! poor thing. i guess we won't go out and buy a cage full of songbirds any time soon.

this is my favorite summer of all time right now. i can't wait to watch kahree enjoy all our favorite things.