Thursday, March 31, 2011

Only my husband

He told me he needed to "break in" his new church shoes. On a Thursday. While wearing shorts. In public.

He's obviously pretty excited. So am I, just not quite as excited. We've been looking for good church shoes for him for ages and now he finally has the perfect pair. We picked these up at Target last night during lunch break. Who knew? Love you, Target. Love. You.


Don't worry, it's the name of a restaurant. One that we drive by all the time and giggle at every time. But today was different. Today, we went INSIDE. And it was delicious. And so pretty. There were many drinks and deserts and tasty things. And a fresh veggie bar for your burger! MY burger. Which I happen to like very pink. Thank you, Fuddruckers, for getting it just right.

I was such a pout today. I've been fighting off another cold, this time completely contained in all it's fury in the back of my throat, so I haven't been stingy with my grumpiness [fun fact, Craig had to correct my usage of the word "stingy" today, because I'm less than brilliant]. I've been just a general mess lately, fine one second and then bursting into tears about the 100 things I'm suddenly upset about the next. But somehow with his magic powers Craig keeps me happy. Our marriage still makes me blissfully happy. Especially today, which could have been such a BAD day because of me but turned out a lovely day because he's is so wonderful. I have no idea why he loves me so much or why he is so patient. He must be serving community service for some terrible crime. And I enjoy it!

Thanks Fuddruckers, for your romantic and pro-family/happiness/heart disease environment. You helped make our day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beached Whale

I LOVE my Bamboo Wacom drawing pad. It's the most fabulous thing. I know none of these give me artistic bragging rights though. I promise I'm a better artist most of the time, I'm actually still working on my favorite projects so maybe you'll see some fancy stuff soon. I hope these funny little things at least show how my experimenting is going and how many neat things the Wacom pad can do. I'm excited to master it and make pretty little "prints" and put them up all over the place. Even if my drawing skills are shabby I have such faith in our creative abilities, Craig and I come up with the best art ideas, like a giraffe in a tutu. And a "beached whale." Haha!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Adventures

My sweet husband Craig had a birthday this Thursday the 24th. He turned 24 on the 24th, so it was his GOLDEN birthday! I made him a golden crown so everyone knew. Well, I made it just so HE'D know, but then he wore it around all day so...everyone knew. Adorable. Here's bits and snippets of our day.

The first present I gave him was handmade, it's a glass casting I did with my personal heart symbol on it with a heart symbol print I made pasted to the back. Most of the art I make has that symbol incorporated into it somewhere plus I doodle it all the time. Look at my blog banner! Haha. Craig's seen the prints before and he's seen the glass casts all around the house sometimes but this idea to put them together came out surprisingly well, and we both love it.

All My Friends Are Dead. AWESOME book, I got it from Modcloth [along with the next two presents, they came with my new dress]. I'm putting it in my children's book shelf. My kids are going to be so morbid.

How to do Absolutely Everything came next. I think this was his least favorite, but if nothing else now he has a diagram telling him how to tie his own ties. At last.

FAVORITE present. Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. We're big fans of Shakespeare in this house. We're also big fans of The Dude in this house. Win win.

Wallet! I gave him this present super early, like, last month...ish. It's just like his old wallet that he wouldn't get rid of even though it was falling apart because he loved it so much except this one is black with white spots instead of white with black spots. Long sentence.

Barman shirt! There's so much Batman action in our lives. This present was a little early bad. I WAS going to wait, I really was. But I barely got out of the store with it before he was owning it and wearing it. He's passed on his bad habit of giving presents to early to me. And it's working out quite nicely.

After presents were opened I had to make his requested birthday dessert: rice crispy treats...with chocolate chips...and peanut butter. It took a little improvisation so I listened to my favorite band for support. And I danced. That was me dancing. Like my nerdy gamer t-shirt and polar bear shorts? How's THAT for fashion blogging? Ha!

 Definitely a treat that should be consumed with milk. Definitely.

Birthday wish.

Tastes great!

Unfortunately, I don't like milk. This is my tongue-stuck-to-the-roof-of-my-mouth face.

After dessert we hung out in Portland for a while [picked up the new Rise Against and Decemberists cds, so excited!]. He got all fancy with his crown and his blazer. I dressed up too, but he looked way better. Fo sho.

We finished up the day with dinner at Red Lobster with some of our bestest friends. The food was delicious, the company was divine, and our experience with the restaurant was...interesting. That's all I'm allowing myself to say about it! I was negative enough at the time.

I just have to share real quick some of the sweet gifts our friends gave to Craig, because they're so AWESOME. The gifts and the friends. Miguel and Brittney gave him bacon and a bacon cookbook. If you don't know this yet you should, we heart bacon. Josh and Charlotte offered up a fabulous batman kite, nail polish [returning the favor from Josh's party], a little frog statue which I'm totally stealing, Sour Jacks, a fancy dancy pinwheel which I may also be stealing, and the best glowsticks we've ever seen! We turned off all the lights in the house and walked around lighting the way with only our hardcore glowstick bracelets. Seriously, they were so bright. And right now I may or may not be consuming some delicious brownies from our friends Jessica and Ryan [who also had a birthday on Thursday, we got him a princess crown but forgot it, maybe next year?]. I think the moral of this story is that I am a present stealer. Yikes.

I did love today. I love my husband, I really love the fact that he was born, for serious, and I love our friends! I'm happy that I now live a life in which birthdays are special days. I'm hoping for many more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Tie-Dye, I Love Thee

We are extremely happy with our tie-dye results. I love my short sleeved shirt best, I was going for old school batman colors [red grey and yellow, right? Hmmm...] so it makes me feel like a super hero when I wear it. We seriously want to tie-dye everything now. I've been judging object/people by whether or not they can be sufficiently tie-dyed.

You can see in the background that I have a lot of laundry to be folding. Actually, it's what I should be doing right now...

This week has been awesome! Work has been great, we've been eating delicious food [sushi today] and it's almost Craig's birthday! It'll be quite the adventure, I should hope. I have a monster of a birthday dessert to make in the morning. There will be blood.

At work this week I learned that my love for using closed brackets [you might have noticed it, but maybe not] has been breaking our online system at work. Hmmm. My bad. It made me feel like I have at least SOME abilities at work. Like super hero abilities. Or super villain abilities. Muahaha.

Blah blah blah. I have laundry to fold and I'm obviously just stalling. I'm outa here.