Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the year of the cakes: 1 and 2

i have a new years resulution to switch to a healthy eating style that is more align with the intructions in the scriptures over the course of the year. i also have a new years goal to bake a whole bunch of cakes from scratch. these things don't really go hand and hand.

right now, the cakes are winning.

for my birthday last week i made a peanut butter and brownie cheesecake. i didn't take any pictures of it, i just ate it and took a bunch of slices to some of my friends. it wasn't pretty but it was oh so good.

the week before i made an italian cream cheese cake. it's the first cake from scratch that i've ever made besides part 1 and 2 of craig's ice cream birthday cake last year [neither times were anything to be proud of and only the second was edible]. i was dying of excitement every time something didn't go horribly wrong and it was pretty tasty by the end of it. the frosting tasted too much like powdered sugar for my liking so maybe i'll use less than a whole pound next time. also i left out the coconut for craig's sake. it's good without but i bet it'd be good with too.

i used the spring-form pans craig gave me for christmas to make both these cakes, so really, it's his fault we're about to gain 30 pounds each.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/52, 2/52, and 3/52

"a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013" 

i read blogs a lot more than i blog. i follow quite a few amazing bloggers and i keep up on their new posts daily. some of my favorite blogs are doing a weekly project for the new year that i really like, it involves taking one portrait of their children/child each week and posting it [check it out for yourself, the bleubird blogsometimes sweet and kelli murray are all doing it]. i want to try it, it seems not too intimidating and completely possible because it's only one picture, i don't have to edit a whole bunch to pull a post together. now that i can include pictures with my posts again i thought i'd share the ones i've taken so far.


this is obviously more than one picture. but oh my goosh, look how cute.


still more than one. i couldn't decide.


wow, i'm pretty bad at this.

i'll post number 4 later this week. hopefully. i have to take it first.

Monday, January 21, 2013

grandma susan

the day after christmas kahree and i flew up to washington to see my family. it was a sweet and special little trip with lots of quiet time. kahree was really shy for most of week and a half visit but one night she was being rather fussy and my mom was able to rock her to sleep. it was magical. i love these adorable pictures of them together. that little boy is my youngest brother, nasus. i guess i shouldn't say little, he's about to turn 13 and i can't even believe it. kahree loved him the best. which is sweet, because i think they look the most alike. what do you think?

i often wish kahree could see her grandma susan and her grandpa john more often. the times we've all spent together are treasures to me.

p.s. doesn't my mom look so young and lovely? she took kahree with her to the mall one day i was there to get her ears pierced. not kahree's ears, my mom's! how cool is that?

Friday, January 18, 2013

let's all stand completely still

craig took the day off and celebrated my birthday with me today. or rather he gave me a birthday today because i didn't feel any different or anything like celebrating until he surprised me with going to the oregon coast for the day. most of it was spent on the most beautiful foggy/sunny drive and picking up some donuts and listening to ludo and mewithoutYou while i wondered what on earth was happening and where the heck could we be going. we pulled up right to the very first place i ever saw the ocean in lincoln city and immediately chowed down on some mo's chowder. it's the very best in the world.

we walked on the beach and skipped rocks and found this awesome see-through fish that was tiny tiny tiny but totally alive! craig grew a rock mustache and i demanded ice cream. the giant cookie was his idea, of course, don't you know him at all?

we left our little lovely daughter with her gigi and uncle cameron all day [which she spent being an angel and not crying at all for the 6+ hours i was away from her]. it was the longest we had ever been apart but it was so nice to be just us again for a little while. it was very reminiscent of our early married days when we used to take crazy, ill-timed and ill-planned trips to the coast and it was always wonderful. one trip we left after church and spent the night in the car after trepsasing onto a private beach and listening to the ocean in the dead od the night. the next day when we got home i took a little pregnancy test that told me baby kahree was on her way. the ocean has it's magical ways, that's all i'm saying.

i'm 21 now. it doesn't feel any different and i'm not really analyzing it. i'm just happy, happy, happy that i get another year of being an extremely flawed person connected to two amazing loves of mine who keep me anyway.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


on my birthday i made a cheesecake and worked on genealogy until craig came home early from work. then we went for a walk until the two little ones were throwing fits [pepper especially, haha]. so instead we drove to the park and played on all the most fun things. i tried to take kahree down a giant slide but my butt wasn't slippery enough. so we gave up and went to get some cold stone ice cream. i always get the birthday cake remix. what do you get?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

oh happy day

it looks like blogger and google made some more changes in the last couple months and i can post pictures again! when i tried at the end of november the interwebs was telling me that i had used up all my allotted space for pictures on this blog and if i ever wanted to post more i'd have to pay a monthly fee for a bigger online storage space. i was working a lot at the time and i didn't have the patience to figure out a way around it so i just stopped blogging. i think i'm back now. i have about 2 gigs i can fill before i have to figure out what happens next. and i refuse to think about it until then!

here are the pictures i wanted to put in my november 30th post when kahree was kinda of 9 months old. now she's over 11 months old. it's nuts!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

erg blog.

I hate blogging. I'm never happy with my posts. I water down what I really want to say because I'm too embarrassed to post what I want. If I post too consistently I have to stop for a while because it makes me feel like I might be bragging too much. Blogging brings out the boaster in me. Which is a shame because I really want an outlet and a creative space to keep my memories of this awesome time in my life. At this point I can't even figure out how to post pictures with my posts anymore. What the heck, blogger. Are you saying I can never post pictures on my blog ever again unless I pay you money? I don't know. I don't have time to figure it out. At this moment I'm posting on my phone because typing takes a year and my puppy any baby have it out to destroy my laptop.

On that note, I'm starting a weekly photo project. I got the idea from some of my favorite successful bloggers. I'm taking one portrait of Kahree every week. It sounds not too intimidating so far. Maybe someday I'll figure out to actually put them up on my blog that I used to use to share pictures of my daughter. Maybe not. We'll find out.

I had such high hopes for this space. I had little hopes too and even those are shriveling up and dying at this point. I'm only a tiny bit frustrated though. Venting helped. Maybe this is successful blogging?

Nope. Probably not.

Talk to you again soon, I hope.