Tuesday, June 11, 2013

19/52, 20/52, 21/52, 22/52 and 23/52

"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013"

my daughter can be a bit unusual.


i love when she wakes up with bed head.


lately she's been refusing the high chair in favor of eating lunch on the couch. must be what the cool kids do.


kahree doesn't consider being fully clothed a good reason to avoid getting soaked in the splash fountains.


trying to beat the heat on a saturday by swimming and hiding out in the cool, shady bedroom.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

may photo roundup

may was full of ups and downs.
a lot of nights sharing our bed with a sick baby. 

a lot of days playing in the sunshine.
a race. an ultrasound. and the best news ever.

[a hot fever and a sad little girl]
[snuggling a sick baby]

 [waking up with a sick baby]

 [finally feeling a little better after treating an ear infection]

 [frozen yogurt date for three]

 [she loves the grass, the flowers, and the dirt]

 [went to a comic shop and all she wanted was this joker]

 [breakfast and some bedhead]

 [my two favorites]

 [training, training always training]

 [we watch too much winnie the pooh]

 [i see you!]
 [...yeah, too much winnie the pooh]

 [relaxing by the poolside]

 [the very best news, getting bigger and stronger every day]

 [in mommy's bed again]

 [getting so big, so fast]

 [enjoying our last few weeks at work before summer break]

 [hiding in the closet]

 [she's such a peach]

 [craig bought me a funny little oyster boy shirt]

 [reading to pooh bear]

 [what i woke up to on mother's day. the most wonderful present ever]

 [reverently snuggling a great grandma blanket from aunt crista]

[every day with them with so special to me]

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


let's try a currently post and see how we like it. if it's not too boring maybe we'll keep it.

reading: the "picture of dorian grey," i'm about halfway through it. it's an easier read than i thought it would be. it's also not very much like i imagined it would be all these years that i've spent thinking about reading it. i probably i thought it would be more "doctor jekyll and mister hyde"-ish. maybe it'll get more like that towards the end. i really like it but it also makes me really upset. poor dorian had some awful friends. i seriously can't even guess how it's going to end. probably just badly, for everyone.

i also started "bossypants" by tina fey. i bought it on my kindle last night because i needed something that would make me laugh. and man, i was like, choke-laughing. couldn't breathe, trying to suppress snorts that would surely wake the baby kind of laughing. the beginning is really funny to me. i'm in a little bit of a lull now where what's happening is probably funny but it's also slightly coming-of-age inappropriate, so it makes me uncomfortable for her more than making me want to laugh at her. dude, life can be so awkward.

watching: oh man. mostly i'm just missing "the office" and "parks and rec." craig and i have been watching "star trek: the next generation" and i'm going to force him to start "doctor who" with me when he gets back from ohio. we just have to figure out which season we are going to start with. it's and agonizing decision. i want to be faithful to my personal laws of continuity but what if i can't get through the oldest seasons and i give up and never get to the great stuff? anyone else experience a serious "doctor who" dilemma? how did you solve it?

as for movies we've recently watched and loved both tron movies and star trek: into darkness. i love watching movies pregnant. star trek had me sobbing, and sobbing, and sobbing. which always makes me feel like i i had a great movie experience. you should've seen me when kahree was brewing in my belly and craig and i watched every harry potter all at once and then went to the theaters to see the very last one. i was a MESS. i thought my heart was literally breaking. i didn't think i was leaving that theater alive. it was the most emotional thing i had ever been through. and it was awesome. 

eating: tuna sammiches. i know. i know. i'll stop. i only want my child to get a little bit of mercury poisoning. but it's all i want to eat! pregnancy is so weird sometimes. it's a good thing i'm not also craving roller coasters and hot tubs. then we would really be in trouble.

listening to: macklemore and ryan lewis super-clean version on "the heist" on repeat. kahree adores it, she dances oh so madly. in the car she dances so hard to "thrift shop" that her car seat shakes. but i'm getting a little tired of it. when i can get away with it i listen to mewithoutYou, also on repeat. and then it's back to macklemore.

working on: embarrassingly...my most current project is a video game. a very addictive, rune factory video game that i can only play when kahree is asleep because she thinks my blue nintendo ds looks like a lot of fun to open and close repeatably. when she's around i work on yet another little granny square blanket. i have to finish it soon, but not soon enough to effectively tear me away from that darn video game. i'm never borrowing anything from my little sister again.

kahree not being sick anymore! i completely forgot how sweet she was in real life. when she isn't feeling crummy all the time she is a dream, and so so fun to be around. i'm also loving our bedtime routine where she picks out a dozen books or more, backs up into my lap, and lets me read and read to her. she has a couple favorites she picks every night. sometimes she picks "how to catch a star" twice a night.

looking forward to:
craig coming home. he's been in ohio since sunday and i miss, miss, miss him. he gets back late tomorrow night and i'll be able to spend time with him again for reals friday evening after work. i know that's not even a full week and that may seem silly compared to some wives and moms who go weeks or months without their husbands. those ladies are awesome and superhuman. i am just not cut from the same cloth. i am a much better housewife and saner mom when i know that at the end of the day i get my husband back and he can rescue me if i explode into a million pieces. that's never happened before but i like knowing he'll be around just in case it ever does. also, i just really really like being with him. so there's that. we've been doing pretty good keeping it together around here while he's away but i'm glad it's almost over.

making me happy:
craig is all done with school and it is SUMMER! it's making me SO happy. i can't wait to go swimming and running together, go to the farmer's market, make summer food, and go on tiny little day trips together. summer 2012 was the best time of my entire life. i would love if this summer was half as good. this year needs to be trying harder, it's not my favorite so far. getting a baby at the end of it will probably help, though. i can see that.

[she needed to be in charge of the bubbles. which means we now need more bubbles.]

[how she felt about life when she woke up in my bed and her daddy STILL wasn't there.]