Saturday, September 29, 2012

7 months

i'm counting these as my 7 month pictures. i never really got around to taking any this time around and these are all i have remotely close to the fifteenth. it's not that i don't like 7 months, so far it's great! it's just...puppies. and things. and business. you know how it is. it kinda works out though because we just got kahree to the doctor a couple days ago for her 6 month appoitment, so we just got her stats and a review of how awesome she is. it didn't happen so late because we were slacking, our origionaly appointment was canceled when my wonderful friend charlotte had her adorable baby at the same time. so if you haven't met asher yet go over and look at how lovely he is. plus his monthly posts are a lot more impressive than ours.

something i want to remember forever is when kahree officially started crawling. on the 14th, the friday after we got home, we were house sitting/kid sitting for our good friends and while we were waiting for them to come downstairs for dinner craig and i were playing with kahree on the floor. and for the FIRST TIME she finally put all the right crawling movements together more than two times in a row. the day before she was turned 7 months old she learned to crawl and i'm just so glad craig was there to see it. now if we can just manage to force her to walk while he's around too.

what else can i tell you about kahree at 7 months? she's just too wonderful. she love every dog she see's, she gets all tense and squeaky and has a specially shrieky laugh just for them. she's obsessed with water but will only drink it out of a water bottle except for sometimes a cup and once a mason jar. she's started to take it right from my mouth if i'm not paying close enough attention. she still gives me open mouth toung kisses but still turns away from craig at the last second every time he tries to get some. still no teeth, just fun gummy grins. she loves to sing and she sleeps in her crib pretty well when we're not on vacation. oh, and she's the best baby in the world. the end.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

red chair

look what i found! i don't believe my eyes. little kahree was a few days shy of a month old here and i can't even believe how tiny she was. those little legs were tiny sticks and those hands were still in mittens, her eyes hadn't decided what color they were going to be and her hair still looked brown. time goes by so quickly. this floppy newborn in the big red chair is the same daughter of mine who started crawling with a purpose two weeks ago and who bosses me around and pulls herself up whenever she pleases. what am i going to do when i have a walking toddler on my hands? or a free spirited teenager? or a sweet bride? i guess i'll just look back on pictures like this and cry because i'm so happy i get to be her momma.

Monday, September 24, 2012

home again home again jiggity jig

i guess it is time to start getting back into blogging. i'm determined to stick with it even though i'm consistently inconsistent with my posts. maybe i can start a trend: flaky blogging. for normal moms everywhere.

since kahree and i got home from our giant vacation things slowly started to settle into a normal, fall routine. and then we shook things up like crazy. we got a puppy. i know. more on that later. so now my days are filled with taking care of two babies [one who crawls all over and pulls herself up every chance she gets and one who tries to chew on the couch], drinking tea, wearing warm things, baking autumn treats, watching black books with my craigory, using the heck out of my kindle, and walks, walks, walks, and walks. oh and doing genealogy. it's my new favorite thing.

the only reason i even can post right now is because i just got done editing a bunch of pictures for my darling little sister ahnahceleh and i thought i'd share a few with you [other than that, i got nothin. so many potential posts, so little time]. she let me photograph her after she got home from school one day while i visiting in washington. she's going to paul mitchell right now and as part class that day one of her classmates styled her hair down. it's usually pointed straight up to the sky [no jokes] so seeing it all down and wavy was a rare treat. she's gorgeous all the time though, she's really one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen, inside and out and all over. she's so neat that i just get excited that i'm able to have her as a sister! she's going to do the most amazing things with her life, just you wait.

wanna know something cute? i'm pretty sure her favorite thing in the whole world is her pet rooster. and he adores her. she just carries him around in her arms. so sweet.

p.s. don't you love the way she dresses?? this isn't a costume, this is the way she looks. she has to wear all black as her uniform at school and i think she really rocks it. ahhh. okay i'm done now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

grandma and grandpa

kahree was, so, so happy with my family up on the farm in washington. that trip filled my soul all up to the point of bursting. i left uplifted and inspired. i love my family, my sibling, my parents, my nephews and niece, my good friends, all of them. and so does kahree. i'm so glad we live in oregon and so close to so much of craig's family but oh how i wish we could also magically be close to mine. seeing kahree so happy and at ease made my heart melt daily. it got to a point where kahree would get SO excited any time she'd hear the door opened because she knew it meant another one of her new friends had just arrived. one night i was driving home late from seeing a friend and kahree decided it was WAY past her bedtime and while she yelled all about it my youngest brother, nasus, talked and sang to her the whole way home. he said things like "i bet you're going to have a really happy life." and "you have the nicest dad in the whole world, he loves you so much." and when i thanked him for being so sweet to her he said "i just love being with baby kahree, i don't care if she's crying." she got love like this every day while we were on the farm and i just adored it.

i think the most special bond she strengthened on this trip was the bond with her grandpa and grandma. at first she was shy of my dad but as time went on, as you can see, she came to just adore him. and she spent so much time being cared for by her patient superhero grandma. my mother is a lovely woman and it is for her that i'm going to invent a teleportation device someday so that she can conveniently visit all her distant grandchildren. but if i can't manage to get a patent i'm at least claiming the right to have her live in our home someday, even if i have to fight my 9 other siblings for it. because i just don't think kahree can ever get enough hugs from her.

Monday, September 10, 2012

baby chickens

you guys! YOU GUYS! baby chickens. is there anything in the WHOLE WORLD that is born as cute as chickens are? these chicks were not even a full day old when we met them. one morning on the farm my dad came in with that little black chick to show kahre and boy did she flip. she wanted to just grab and squeeze him to pieces. we didn't let her, don't worry, but just look at her face and how happy that little fuzzy thing makes her.

i miss having chickens. my family had chickens for as long as i can remember and i loved them. and i loved fresh eggs. fresh, multicolored eggs of varying sizes. i made sure kahree and i enjoyed a few while we were on vacation but i can't wait until the day we can have our own. my little siblings seem to love chckens even more than i ever used to. my little sister's rooster is her favorite person in the whole world. i wanted to put person in quoteation marks but i'm afraid she'd be offended. she REALLY loves him.

one more thing, this is the best picture i could get of a couple eggs in an incubator while the chicks were hatching. we were seriously watching that little guy break his way out into the world. it was so special. obviously, best vacation ever. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

oh home, let me go home

this trip has just been wonderful so far. we're already missing seattle, which was one of the happiest weekends of my life, and although we miss craig, kahree and i are having the best time being back at my old home on the farm. our days have been filled with visiting friends and family, my sweet niece seirra and my little nephews, i got to see my friend tim and my bestie bethie spent several night staying up late and talking to me. we got to go to my little sister's school at paul mitchel and she got to take a test on my head, which was awesome. i've been staying up late, getting to play video games and watch movies, sleep next to my baby and wake up early to spend time with my family. we get to eat delicious food ALL day, my family is harvesting out of their garden right now and kahree and i have been seriously benefiting from it. my little brother nasus makes me food whenever i want and my brother llerrad made us home made peach ice cream. 

i got to go to my old high school and talk to my favorite teachers and my mom and i even got to visit my nephew at school and read to him during snack and story time. on saturday my dad took me on a long drive for fresh pumpkin donuts from a farmer's market and they tasted SO AMAZING but even better we got to talk for hours and i learned things i never knew. i'm so so glad i'm getting to spend a long time visiting this time instead of just for a weekend, i really needed to have all these long talks with my parents and siblings and friends. kahree thinks she's in heaven with all the dogs and cows and chickens and peacocks new friends. i wish we could pop up and visit like this all the time, so far it's just the best vacation i've ever had.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

darrell a bogar

one of many reasons why my trip home to see my family with kahree was so wonderful is that i got to spend so much time with my grandpa. he's my only living grandparent and he's been very dear to me my whole life. we were good buddies when i was little, his birthday is the day before mine and we always celebrated it together. but during the last few years we've barely gotten to visit. he moved away before i became a teenager and just recently moved back to within a few minutes of my parent's house and besides the occasional trip we just hadn't had enough chances to catch up.

while on vacation kahree and i took several chances to go out and visit him and just talk and talk about everything and then talking about it again the next day. i love seeing him and kahree together, he says he loves having a great grandchild but "all my grandchildren are great." i love when he says that. they were just too cute together.

even though his current home is the 3rd i've known him in there are still so many familiar things all around it, things that i've seen for years, that remind me of my childhood. i'm so grateful i got some time to remember and document this time. that little case was filled with tiny treasures when i was little but i found it empty on this visit and i was determined to find the trinkets and put it all together again. while i did it grandpa told me stories about them, about where he got that mason ring, about who handmade those tiny moccasins. i wish i could remember everything he's ever told me. but i don't mind being reminded. he's a wonderful grandpa and i'm glad i have him forever.