Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Lovely

Being sick is absolutely no fun. We all know this. As I've learned this week it's an especially strange experience to have to plan when you are going to be sick. I picked this weekend and long story short it's just as unpleasant as I was promised it'd be. Headaches, cramping, diarrhea [yikes, i thought they were kidding, but it was legit!], nausea and lots of puking. My antibiotics my doctor gave me make me sick and I keep puking up my anti-nausea pills! Finally last night, after not being able to fall asleep with the pain, I took my first vicodin, which I must say, is probably my new favorite drug. But I'm blah blah blahing, honestly it's been a wonderful time despite all this. I got to take work off and now I'm enjoying time with my husband, watching movies and playing our DS games! He was a doll and got me jamba juice this morning when I was still having trouble keeping solid food down [somehow I thought eating two sets of ribs last night was a good idea, who knew 8 hours later they'd still refuse to stay in my stomach]. I feel much better now and a great new friend of mine, Alys, was completely sweet and brought us dinner. Juice, lemonade, ice cream, crackers and the most delicious chili; and I'm keeping it down so far! I'm so excited. It was such a wonderful thing to do, I can't believe people could be so nice to me but she really is a great new friend. I hate being sick, I love my husband, and I love my new friend!

Monday, February 21, 2011

But I'm wearing jeans....

I follow a lot of really amazing blogs by a lot of reeeally amazing women, all of whom have beautiful and unique styles. I wouldn't say that all of them are strictly "fashion blogs" but they do post pictures of their adorable [and for me, inspiring] outfits on a regular basis. I guess in my head I pictured this new blog of mine being like a day to day journal with photos of things like delicious food we have, awesome adventures we go on, and chronicling things we make/buy to be ready for our soon to be thousands of babies. In my heart I did secretly hope to be able to include some fashion pictures as well. Sadly, with my recent health issues and weight gain, my style has been rather lazy and overall...lacking. Especially since I can't dress up for work! [No skirts, short, or dresses. Sigh.] Somehow I ended up with a husband who, unbelievably, thinks I'm cute no matter what I'm wearing. He thinks my laziest outfits are adorable and this combined with his developing talent of taking the loveliest photos we have my first attempt at a "what I'm wearing" type post. So here you are, I'm wearing jeans, my husbands pictures make me look cuter than I really am, and I'm happy about all of it =]

Our car's name is Morpheous. He helps make our life awesome.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I just can't see it...

I wear glasses all the time. I NEED them. I wake up in the morning, reach over, and put them on. I don't take them off until I crawl into bed at night. I got a couple new cheapy pairs last fall but they're wearing out already because of work and I have to clean them SO MUCH. I really just want one pair of nice, fancy glasses. Craig and I wear trying to figure out what kind I should get someday. Here's a few ideas-

That first pair can be filled with any color ink you want! Pretty neat, I say. What I've always wanted is a pair like the last one, but Craig doesn't think they're cute on me. I hope I can find the perfect pair soon, and for the perfect price. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Sushi

After I blogged on Valentines day, laying around in our pjs, Craig and I decided to get dressed up and go out for sushi. Sushi Hana is our favorite sushi joint, it's so delicious and so cheap, every plate is 1.00 or 1.50! I enjoyed several tuna rolls. The lady serving us kept saying I was so cute, i say she was crazy! Craig tried to capture my funny outfit when we were walking to the car. A good ending to a long day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's just one day

Today is Valentine's Day. It's also my six month anniversary of marriage. On top of that it's been exactly 25 months since my husband Craig and I became a couple. I love Valentine's Day, even before I had my other half to share it with it was always a fun holiday. My mom always let us make a big deal out of it, giving us candy and letting us give out valentines. I wish everyone could enjoy it, too many times do there seem to be too many reasons to be grumpy on this commercial holiday. I picture a perfect world where everyone loves Valentine's Day! Also in this perfect world there is a Santa Clause and no taxes...

My hubby and I had big plans for today, cute things were carefully planned to make sure it was the "perfect" Valentine's day. Things didn't quite go as planned today. Our world may have shifted a little, or a lot. Somehow, amazingly, I still feel completely loved and happy. I'm grateful for that and I'm glad that I've grown out of my moody, dramatic youthful phases where I remembered all the bad things that had ever happened to me by their date. I won't remember today for the sad things that happened. Dates are for celebrations, for anniversaries, for holidays, for vacations! And for birthdays. I hope to have many of all these things scattered all over my life.

We managed to start an excellent tradition together this week when we found boxes of awesome valentines for 50 cents each! Such a steal! We sat together on Sunday writing them out for people we love [he wrote names and I folded and put the little heart stickers on] =] Happy Valentine's day!

Oh, and potted flowers from Craig ;] Those of you in Washington may have to wait a few days for yours to come in the mail...they're worth the wait!


Sunday, February 13, 2011