Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Dinner

This Sunday Craig and I had John and Sherri over for dinner. We go to their house for dinner all the time, they always have something bacony for us and a delicious dessert. I'm so glad we finally got to treat them in return. We had an amazing greek salad my mom sent me the recipe for, paninis, and cupcakes. Cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. Cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and cookies inside. Oh yes, and milk tea. John didn't like it very much and Sherri liked the tea but didn't care too much for the tapioca balls. I guess it's not for everyone, but that's almost an exciting thing, more milk tea in the world just for us!

I had so much fun putting together a meal for everyone. Craig and I love cooking but we rarely have the time or an energy to put together a REAL dinner. I'm so excited for a day when I take up my post here at home and I can be more dedicated to feeding my family delicious, healthy things. Doesn't that just sound lovely? All my dreams right now are to be home, taking care of darling babies and crafting to help pay the bills, and connecting with other people who help make the world beautiful. Those days just can't come soon enough.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy, Happy Day

When I got home from work on the 19th and sat down to enjoy all my beautiful blog subscriptions I had the very best surprise waiting for me at <3 elycia's lovely blog. It was a fabulous surprise. Stupendous surprise. Seriously, it was so great. Go look. Just go look. Click on the link to her blog and just have a look.

Am I right? Am I right?

[photo credit: elycia]

I cannot accurately convey to you how much I wanted to win this giveaway. SO MUCH is going to have to do. Isn't that necklace just the best ever? I knew I had to have it one way or another. Look at that gun charm! You must know how guns have affected my life lately. This necklace, made by the hands of the very talented Cristie of City Bird's, was one of those things for me where you just think "I'd like to have that....I'd love to have that....I NEED to have that....I want to win that....I'll have to buy that....I shouldn't steal way or another, that SHALL BE MINE!" That doesn't happen to me too terribly often you know, and I take it serious when it does. 

It makes me so excited that I actually WON this pretty little thing. I don't think I've won anything before. 3rd place in my first DECA Marketing Management region competition once, but that's not really winning, not in the Charlie Sheen sense. I won "best effort" in a lot of things that I wasn't good at [I know what best effort means, it means you didn't succeed really but you sure tried hard, so that's not really winning]. Craig's won lots of things, like movies and video games and t-shirts, so I've just been coasting off his mad skills and glory. But no more! I am a giveaway winner now! And it feels great.

Elycia's blog is really one of my favorites, if you haven't seen it yet go check it out. It's so visually appealing and I'm so into all the things she blogs about. And she's about to get married too! Who doesn't love that? I can't wait to read all about it, she's such a lovely person and I was SO flattered that she called my blog cute. Eek! I get randomly girly and excited about things like this.

I am so happy to be turned onto Cristie's world of City Bird's now, her etsy shop has some of the cutest things living in it. One of my favorites of hers was the illustration Mr. Bosworth. Another one of those things I just HAVE to own someday. She was so nice to me in our few emails back and forth and I am so glad to have connected with TWO wonderful ladies in this wonderful giveaway. I got the necklace in the mail today and it is just every bit as darling as we all hoped. She wrapped it all cute and wrote a sweet note. I feel like blog world must just be one of the best places ever. I'm so glad to be slowly becoming involved with it and the sweet people that can be found.

It's a new favorite =] 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cupcake obsession...

I've been a little obsessed with cupcakes lately. This makes me just like, oh, everyone else right now. But I'm late to the scene so I'm totally still allowed to be excited. Someone jump off the cupcake bandwagon already and make some room for me. You've had your time.

Craig and I tried to make it to a showing of Pirates: On Stranger Tides before work today, but we were about ten minutes late. So we hung around Bridgeport for a while. I love Bridgeport, it's one of my most favorite places. It's like an outdoor mall with all my most favorite stores near by plus our favorite movie theater [it has the MOST comfortable seats]. We usually hit up some gelato or go to Borders or Whole Foods. Today we opted for some cupcakes. Sweet, delicious, expensive cupcakes.

I told Craig to look excited:

Craig got a Turtle Chocolate and I got Red Velvet and Cream Cheese. I made mine last for an eternity. It was heaven.

I suck at dieting.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Post

I wanted to do a quick post about our weekend, since that's always the coolest part of our lives and this last one was awesome. It started with a Sunday where we got to sub for a couple of our friends and teach a class for the ll years olds at church. I love teaching primary, it's my favorite thing to do. I love kids so much more than I like people.

On Monday we got up brand spankin' early [I know, that doesn't make sense] and went to the park to play tennis! AHH! We bought Craig a racket on Thursday and we finally are getting our game on. I LOVE tennis, I played it as a sophomore. I sucked at it. I was bottom doubles. My doubles partner got better and moved up. I didn't. Ever. But I actually did better today than last time I played! The last time being five ish years ago. I remembered everything really well and I somehow got better at it all these years of not playing. Of course I didn't win a single set, by hey, is that really the goal? Yeah, it is. We played for about two hours and called it quits before we finished the match. But don't worry, we thought you had to reach four sets to win the match [a set is the first to win six games by at least two, a game is getting four points first but you still need to be two ahead to win]. You only need to get to 2 sets to win. Thank goodness. Cause if I had been scoring any of the points too we would have been playing forever.

We went to the store after that because we were feeling all healthy and we got some healthy food for once. I was still in my ridiculously short tennis shorts so I felt pretty inappropriate. But don't worry, I wasn't tempting anyone. On our way out a nice old man selling flowers said hi to us and then went "Girl, you gotta get some sun on those legs!" We laughed so hard. I told him I was trying! When we caught our breath Craig told me I was pretty pasty. Yeah. They're that bad.

Our healthy meal of the day [or something] was some delicious garlic humus and flat bread. I feel authentic. I don't know what that means. Craig convinced me to get a slurpie too, I said no at first, I really did, but they have only a few calories and they littlest one is so cute! We watched Scrubs for a couple hours, ate on the floor with our hands, and I kind of felt like a cool kid.

Later in the evening we had our bi-weekly FHE young adult group fun meeting thing with some of our friends. We usually take turns hosting it at our homes but this week we all went out to Fuddruckers. Craig and I helped come up with the idea a little and there were definitely ulterior motives. I needed Fuddruckers. What can I say. The company was great, but that BBQ Chicken Salad....oh man. Don't count my calories for me today. I know what I'm doing. I play tennis.

And of course, what's a weekend without at least one instagram photo? Not my weekend, fo sho.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

McMenamins = Delicious

Today we had dinner at McMenamins with Craig's family. They LOVE McMenamins. LOVE. They talk about it all the time. And they should, it's freaking delicious. They have the best tots. Craig finally took me there just to get tots a couple weekends ago. But this time I got some meal with my tots. Everyones food looked awesome but I can't remember what anyone got. Except for me. I got tuna. Tuuuuunaaaaaa.

I seriously never have tuna, not since meeting Craig. I get tuna in teeny tiny proportions when we go to sushi and I devour tuna rolls, and that is what keeps me alive. Craig hates, he even hates the smell, it makes him sick. He's offered to buy me some before but I know if it was in the house he's throw up and refuse to kiss my tuna-lips. But today I went for it. Tuna salad sammich please! I asked if he'd still kiss me first, just in case. I don't think I grossed him out too much with my happy whimpering of delight with every bite [awkward] but when I brought half of it home he did ask me to hurry up and finish it. Because it stunk.

Everyone was wearing cool shoes, so while they moved around quoting their favorite comedy sketches [they are a riot, people] I took grey and blurry pictures.

Craig's shoes 
 Catie's shoes 
 Chris' shoes
 Dad's shoes
 Mom's shoes
 Cameron's shoes

Shilah's shoes

Now, match up the shoe to the person. It's a fun game. You'll like it.

Craig was sweet and took a couple pictures of my outfit. I always feel bad/awkward asking him. I've been dressing super cute lately though, and you're just going to have to take my word for it.

Sweet, sweet tuna. Until we meet again.