Thursday, February 7, 2013

january photo roundup

i've decided that for the rest of the year after each month is over i'm going to put together a blog post with some of my favorite pictures i took with my phone during that month. my picture quality with my phone is obviously less than my amazing camera but i just don't have the camera with me very often. my phone captures the bulk of my day to day with little kahree and i want to remember all of that too. and then you know, there's instagram too. so yeah. here's what happened in january.

 [uncle llerrad sang her to sleep with david bowie songs]
[bath from grandma susan]
 [all clean]
 [my nephew gavin borrowing my glasses]
 [asleep with grandma susan]
 [walking with grandpa]
 [my little sister cut my hair cute]
 [pepper exercising self control]
 [looking groovy]
 [a normal day]
 [kahree eats dinosaurs for breakfast]
 [even batman needs a carseat to be safe sometimes]
 [new shoes, new rug, feeling trendy]
 [they are either both babies or both puppies]
 [the cutest thing that has ever happened to me]
 [admit it, the cutest thing that has ever happened to you, too]
 [not my favorite book]
 [birthday adventure donuts]
 [birthday flowers from my mother in law, shoes from my sister in law]
 [my surprise birthday dinner]
 [she's a natural]
 [we party hard when daddy is out of town]
 [finished, at last]
 [giving pepper words of encouragement]
 [being ridiculously tall]
 [stealing chips]
 [i don't remember why this happened but i'm so glad it did]
 [having a bad night]
[she's stunning]

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