Wednesday, April 3, 2013

march photo roundup

pictures from my phone during the month of march.

[her favorite food ever is my chicken and corn chowder]
 [it was the only way she wanted to sleep that day]

 [craig and kahree won a candy bracelet for me with a crane game]

 [we wanted some late night native foods. she's the best to take on adventures]

 [grocery shopping with my little buddy and her little buddy]

 [$9 boots]

 [the saddest and CUTEST thing when she thought she heard "dad dee" coming home and she waited by the door until i told her it wasn't him]

 [running all month. i made it up to 9 miles]

 [cutie oranges, all day]

 [craig said her hair made her look like a pygmy native to a jungle country]

 [when i get her out of her crib she usually insists on bringing everything with her. leave no man behind]

 [a rare diaper moment. i told you, i usually make sure she's fully clothed, but lately...]

 [i'm not sure. she's just awesome]
 [she liked the couch but she had to remind us it was a little out of our price range]

[reading all about the wild things to our wild thing before bed]

 [it was a "spend all morning watching wreck it ralph AGAIN" kind of day]

 [this is what i live for]

 [she was CRANKY and PICKY all week. so we went to the temple just to get out of the house]

 [her first easter egg hunt. she knew immediately that those brightly colored belonged in her bag]

 [having a giant for a dad has comes with many advantages]

 [our quiet family shopping trips are no more. now she spends the whole time trying to escape]

 [an undying love]

 [craig is the sweetest gift giver]

 [just like mommy]

 [i got all three of us in a picture! kinda]
 [the coolest kid i've ever seen]

 [she's always very invested in making sure pepper eats all her food]

 [she needed her blanket in order to eat lunch]

 [we had the snuggliest morning. she just wanted me to carry her all day. it was so lovely]
 [we hit up lobsterfest and saw oz for around $12. thrifty daters]

 [her car seat was in the house so she sat in it. and wanted me to buckle it. and wanted her peeko and blanket. and she sat in there and ate snacks for around twenty minutes]

 [she wants to do it all by herself, no matter how long it takes]

 [they continue to be the awesomest]

 [i wore this hat for days]

 [i survived a vicious bear attack]

 [at the park]

 [sometimes she initiates diaper time. by running away when i try putting jammies on her and then just chilling with her sippy]

 [every time she goes outside she wants to find a stick]

[went on a movie date with my sister in law and saw the host. we were smitten from start to finish. guess who my favorite character was]

 [she think she can play ball with the big kids]

 [she's so baller]

 [easter weekend was all sunshine and bubbles]

 [she's so cute when she wakes up]

[looking for wate]

 [march brought us so much sunshine and things to smile about]

[i want to live outside for the rest of the year]

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