Saturday, June 8, 2013

may photo roundup

may was full of ups and downs.
a lot of nights sharing our bed with a sick baby. 

a lot of days playing in the sunshine.
a race. an ultrasound. and the best news ever.

[a hot fever and a sad little girl]
[snuggling a sick baby]

 [waking up with a sick baby]

 [finally feeling a little better after treating an ear infection]

 [frozen yogurt date for three]

 [she loves the grass, the flowers, and the dirt]

 [went to a comic shop and all she wanted was this joker]

 [breakfast and some bedhead]

 [my two favorites]

 [training, training always training]

 [we watch too much winnie the pooh]

 [i see you!]
 [...yeah, too much winnie the pooh]

 [relaxing by the poolside]

 [the very best news, getting bigger and stronger every day]

 [in mommy's bed again]

 [getting so big, so fast]

 [enjoying our last few weeks at work before summer break]

 [hiding in the closet]

 [she's such a peach]

 [craig bought me a funny little oyster boy shirt]

 [reading to pooh bear]

 [what i woke up to on mother's day. the most wonderful present ever]

 [reverently snuggling a great grandma blanket from aunt crista]

[every day with them with so special to me]

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