Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 months

i took so so SO many pictures for kahree's 3 month update and somehow all but this one disappeared. i'm still hoping they'll turn up someday but for now this is all you get. luckly she's delicious in every photo.

kahree spent her 3 month birthday keeping me company while craig was out of town in indiana on a business trip. he spent 2 nights away and it was the first time we had been apart overnight since we were married and i was feeling pretty sad about it so i made her snuggle with me a lot to make up for it. we were house and pet sitting in a big house out in the country at the same time so we really had to work hard to not be lonely, losts of cleaning and crocheting and netflix. and at one point i locked myself out of the house with her inside. it was pretty terrible. she was asleep on the bed and i got up to let the dogs outside, in my pj's which i almost didn't even put on, and the door locked behind me and i ran around the house panicking for a while until i got a hold of the owners and they dirrected me to a hidden spare key. i actually called 911 for the first time ever when they didn't answer at first but then i called them back and cancelled my emmergancy. kahree woke up a few minutes before i got in and i could hear her through the window crying for me. it really was torture, not my best mom moment. she's never had to cry alone like that. i'm glad she isn't really rolling or wiggling yet so that she couldn't fall off the bed. she's holding herself up longer than at 3 months and pushing her butt up but nothing too different, she just looks a lot older to me now.

right after we finish house sitting we're spending a week moving into our new apartment. it's very similar but on a bottom floor instead of a third and in a better complex. we're painting and making a nursery and everything, i'm really excited. i'm glad we have lots of days to finish moving, i don't know how easy moving with a 3 month old will be, even a good natured one. i guess we'll find out! yay for changes, and adventures, and family and home being wherever we are together.

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