Saturday, May 5, 2012

all the forest trees were pens and all the oceans, ink

this weekend we took a little car trip with our friends audrey and andrew to the coast so that kahree could see the ocean. i had to wait 18 years to see it and that was just too long and we wanted to make sure she felt the sand between her toes as soon as possible. who cares if she probably won't remember it. i think she will. especially after i show her these pictures of her tiny litte feet hitting the ocean water for the first time, it'll surely all come rushing back ;]

we went to lincoln city which was the first place craig ever took me to see the ocean. it was chilly, true to the oregon coast nature, and it was a long drive that was only partially spent napping. but look at her chubby little face. it was so worth it. having adventures with babyk make them a hundred times more wonderful.

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