Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas day

when kahree woke up on christmas morning at her gigi and pop-pop's house we just hung out for a while, waiting for everyone to get ready and for all the puppies to settle down. eventually craig came to get us and carried kahree out to where everyone was waiting.

i think as soon as she saw everyone sitting together that she new something special was happening. she was super excited to see her uncles and aunt and the rest of us waiting for her. there's was a special, unwrapped present just for her and i was so eager to see how she'd react to it.

it was love at first sight. as soon as kahree had that pooh bear in her arms she was giving it kisses. no joke, we watch her roll around with him on the floor for at least ten minutes before doing anything else. she hugged and tackled him all over. it was hilarious how content we were to just observe her joy on her first christmas.

when we were finally ready to move on everyone opened their gifts from me and craig. craig opened his gifts from me. then kahree opened the rest of hers while we opened the rest of ours and somewhere in there i opened mine from craig and kahree got really into stockings, again. kahree was all about unwrapping presents, she knew there was something good under all that paper. by the end of it all she was laughing almost manically and diving into all her gifts and the residual wrapping paper. it was amazing and i wish i had a video of it. her excitement was priceless.

craig and i decided that for our christmas tradition every year all our children will receive three small, special gifts from us, just like the wise men brought Jesus three types of special gifts. this year and every future year we will make sure to emphasis a special gift or service we do for others in need as part of our christmas celebration. craig and i were also supposed to stick with only three gifts for each other but we both cheated and sneaked multiple gifts into each wrapping. we can't help it, we love to spoil each other. next year we'll be better. maybe. i dunno though, i'm not sure how it can get any better than this. it was the best christmas i've ever, ever had. i quit taking pictures eventually because i was having too much fun. kahree exhausted herself with happiness and we spent all day being together, laughing, eating, watching movies and loving each other. it was so special, i could just live this one christmas over and over again until the day i die.

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