Tuesday, March 5, 2013

february photo roundup

pictures from my phone during the month of february.

[caught red-handed]
 [going on a hot date]
[playing with pooh bear]
[grumpy goose]
 [stealing mommy's project]
[bedtime stories]
 [she loves her pop-pop]
 [stylish as always]
[the very best news]
 [what a looker]
[blanket hog]
[a pregnant snack]
[too sassy]
 [a special friend]
 [her favorite thing]
 [all kinds of tired]
 [her face. i died]
[spreading the love]
 [making tiny leg warmers]
[i'd hold that]
[wrapping presents for someone's very first birthday]
[self portrait]
[representing TBS]
[i got a bow in her hair, briefly]
[fish and rice and dinosaur train]
[sweet puppy, being sad and snuggly with me]
[a fancy valentine]
[just like daddy]
 [snuggles while waiting for mommy's doctor's appointment]
 [craig's idea of recovering from sugery, he was spot on]
 [party preparations]
 [special birthday treats]
 [opening presents]
 [she caught on fast]
[tucked her favorite one under her chin for safe keeping] 
 [i wish you could've heard her giggles]
 [seriously, the best]
[waiting for our little guests]
[surprise delivery of get-well flowers from my bethie, made me cry and cry]
[partied so hard that she passed out on her pony, in a tutu]
 [happy birthday, darling]
 [how is she SO funny?]
[batman joined us for dinner]
 [she doesn't give it back until she's sure her 7 teeth are spotless]
 [birthday cupcakes, round two]
[a big brunch, all for her]
 [coloring at shari's]
[sometimes she loves me back]
 [little curls]
[crazy curls]
 [my favorite onesie]
 [it's what i live for]
 [a peek into summer]

please march, give me something good.

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