Friday, December 2, 2011

31 weeks

this kid. this KID. she's getting so big. and she's busy all the time, it feels like she almost never stops moving. this week she started playing games with me, sticking little limbs out as far as they can go and letting me rub and play with them before sucking them back in. the last couple days she's been poking her bum waaay up out from under it's usual resting place [right under my right ribcage. ouchtown.] and if i don't rub it until she's satisfied she starts kicking/hitting me until i do. i kid you not. as long as i'm rubbing she keeps it poked up and holds very, very still and as soon as i stop she lets me have it. i like to think she just wants to know i'm there. i also like to picture her as opinionated and demanding for attention. you may think it sounds crazy, but don't burst my bubble. my unborn baby knows what's she wants, her brain is giant!

i feel so huuuge sometimes. i'm getting kinda tired of trying to find clothes that stay on my body. when do i get to stop having to be dressed every day? i want that to happen. nowish. my tummy is also starting to itch something fierce, i've been using all sorts of oils and lotions, taking recommendations, trying to make it feel less itchy and dry. i know it's a pretty common pregnancy ailment and i'm glad i went this long without itching, but man is it uncomfortable sometimes. other than that i've been having only really fond feeling towards being pregnant. the whole time i've been growing this mini human craig and i have been so eager for her to just BE here and all the sudden i'm starting to wonder if i'm really ready to stop taking care of her like this. maybe i could go on for 30 more weeks. she's easier to take care of now than she'll ever be and i know i'll be so happy when she's out of my belleh and in my arms but i know i'll miss these days of her bumping around in there. i love her a million times. 

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