Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas favorites

just because i knew you were wondering.

i learned this year that i don't loath christmas music. even if it's playing on the radio at work all day, every day. it doesn't make my ears melt off. i've been enjoying it! i've even done some soul searching and came up with my list of top favorite christmas songs. and now i will share them with you [just because i knew you were all wondering]. here they are:

1. christmas time in the club by spoken nerd. okay, this one isn't a classic and you won't hear it on the radio. but don't hate it until you've tried it.

2. carol of bells. craig swears this is the most popular christmas song EVER but i like it because it feels less traditional to me, no lyrics and sometimes it gets downright hardcore, depending on the version.

3. christmas cannon. a) coolest christmas song title ever and b) cute little kids choir? too precious.

and then of course there's this. this can do no wrong in my eyes. thank you david and bing.

that's all I got, kids. i hope everyone is simply having a wonderful christmas time! we sure are.

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  1. I like Carol of the Bells with and without lyrics!


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