Wednesday, December 21, 2011

33 weeks + natural hair + LOTR

this is what happens to the hair on my head when i don't do anything to it. most of the time i use a flat iron on it because i can't handle the inconsistency of my curls but this last week or so my hair has been at a magical length that lets it curl without getting too crazy, so now is a good time for me to show it off. it'll last for a little while longer before it goes back to driving me crazy, eventually growing so long i'll feel like it's eating me, and then in a moment of insanity i'll chop it all off again, miss it, and start the long and painful process of growing it back out. it's a never ending cycle.

i sometimes really wish the front of my hair would curl down and in rather than up and out. the wing like structures around my face always weird me out and kinda remind me of swans for some reason. which makes me think of the swan princess. which makes me want to watch the swan princess. i also really want to watch the muppet christmas carol, but that's pretty much a daily thing that i'm sure happens to everyone.

i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this giant baby bump i have. i'm 33 weeks for one more day. tomorrow i will be 34 weeks pregnant. and as of right this moment i seriously feels like i need more time. SO much more time. i can't seriously be 34 weeks already. i thought by now i'd be achy all over, waddling, have killer back pain, and have elephant feet and be begging to get this baby out. none of those things have happened yet. my ankles look a little funny to me but craig says i'm crazy, so i pretty much have no idea how i got this far without realizing how close i am to having a baby. back  in the first trimester when i was young and naive i thought i'd have a 37 week baby and be done with it. but right now i'm telling myself i could go on like this for months if i had more than one pair of pants that fit. i somehow need to convey to this child that i know i told her she could come out whenever she feels ready but now i need her to try to wait more than just 3 more weeks. her nursery is still a mess and being used as our temporary storage unit while we continue to wait for management to finish remolding the outside of our apartments. i know she's not really going to care either way but i'd just be so sad if everything wasn't perfectly ready for her arrival. i still need to get so many baby things. like burp cloths. and thousands of headbands for her to wear. and a bunch of other cute and mostly useless things. i'm just not prepared. do your momma a favor, little squirt, and keep cooking for a couple more months, but don't get any bigger than 7 pounds. it can work that way, right?

oh, by the way, that IS a lord of the rings shirt. thank you for noticing. i love this shirt but it makes me feel kinda bad sometimes, walking around representing the white hand of saruman, but i like living on the edge. i love middle earth. SO much. so much so that i'm going to share this trailer with you. it's the new trailer for part one of the hobbit movie coming out next december. it made me cry not once, not twice, but three times. once for every time i watched it last night in a ten minute time span. no, it's not sad, just incredibly awesome. i'm not obsessed. just excited.

p.s. craig is excited too but he's mostly because he gets to see his daughter so soon. this sweet man  gets completely giddy when he thinks about how soon she could be here. he loves her so much already and it's wonderful to see. i can't wait until he gets to hold her at last.

p.p.s. from way up here my feet look like little ants. run away little feet. run while you still can.


  1. im slightly more on the uncomfortable end of the spectrum but i LOVE being pregnant :) save for those overly emotional days where i cry that someone ate my sammich.

    however, i MUST reassure have the most adorable tiny baby bump ever.
    i will admit, only to you, that i have gained 40 lbs. while successfully trying to not gain 40 lbs via healthy eating. the whole moderate bed rest is a weight crusher!

    your belly is cute and you carry SUPER well! our girls will be here soonish!

  2. Why you don't wear your hair like that more often, I'll never understand! It is so cute, and your hair is the perfect curly!


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