Tuesday, February 21, 2012

baby status

my baby is six days old

she had her first doctor's appointment today

she's 8 ounces above her birth weight

our doctor said they like to see them back at birth weight by their two week appointment. she obviously eats all the time.

she hates when her feet are covered

she only really cries when we change her diaper and her little bottom gets cold

our second night home she slept for five hours straight. it was insane. i kept waking up and just looking at her wondering how it was possible for a newborn to pass out like that. i promise i wasn't letting her starve.

she can roll over onto her side all by herself. and it freaks. me. out.

she loves to hold her own head up and smile so big

and i just love to hold her all day long

and grandma came to visit!


tell me a secret