Sunday, February 19, 2012

home at last

this was our first evening home with our little fishy. we love her so much, every second. she's just the best baby i've ever met. and i get to keep her! insane!

it's been the craziest week, and the most wonderful. i feel like i just want to sit and do nothing but stare at my new baby all day. i also don't have much time to do anything but sit and stare at her all day. eventually there might be time for longer blog posts and writing birth stories and thousands and thousands of baby pictures. maybe soon. but for now, here's my new daughter in her swing. she loves it.

okay, okay, one more. look at her. she's perfect.

yeah. that was four more. one more.

i can't count. but who cares. i have a baby!


  1. Freaking adorable :) the picture where you can see Craig's tattoo = perfect! Frame it! Also, i require pictures of you with the baybay as well. Thats all! Love youuu


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