Friday, February 3, 2012

39 weeks

it's my due date tomorrow and i'm still pregnant. i think craig gets a little more disappointed in me every day. not really, but he is awful eager for me to go into labor. every little pain or cramp i report to him makes him cheer and that gives me a little bit of an odd feeling but i know what he means. i think...

all week we've been going for walks every day right after we wake up. it's been an amazing week to almost be having a baby, the weather has been WONDERFUL! it's sunny and slightly warm and just  so comfy cozy and great weather for walking a couple miles every day, waddling around the neighborhood, trying to coax this baby out. after coming home from work on tuesday we really thought i was going into labor. craig still thinks i was but since it was so late i decided we should get as much sleep as possible and go to the hospital when i woke up with unbearable pain. well we woke up i still had all my symptoms but they gradual faded away. my mommy told me that with all her labors until they progressed to a certain point if she didn't keep moving they would stop. she couldn't relax in a tub or anything like that, she says she remembers walking the halls of the hospital for so long to keep her contractions going. so maybe next time i think labor might FINALLY be coming on i'll do jumping jacks instead of going to bed, haha.

i can tell my tummy is getting lower but it's really not that extreme or noticeable. i really just don't feel like there's very much room in my body for my baby to "drop" down to, any lower she'd just fall out. which would be way nice, actually...

today is fabulous because craig's momma brought our crib set over. isn't it the cutest thing? we love it. and how well it matches our new futon. that's an added bonus. craig picked this set out after dubbing all my favorite crib sets as "old ladyish." he fell in love with this one on sight and said very adamantly that it was the one we were getting. when a new daddy gets that excited about his little girl's bedding, you listen to him. fact.

i'm excited to see what happens this weekend. i hope it'll give me a baby. if not, i have an appointment on the sixth to see how things are going and to talk about what to do next. hopefully we'll have a little one very very soon!

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