Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 months

look at that smile! i can't believe how aware kahree is, and neither can anyone who meets her. craig and i are just amazed at how soon she learned to push herself up with her arms. she doesn't roll over and she doesn't LOVE her tummy time but we try to make sure she gets enough of it. little babyk is such a joy, she still hardly ever cries except for when we're changing her clothes or her diaper and then she never fails to voice her discomfort. she eats and sleeps like a dream but her little imperfections are just as enjoyable. i adore her little fuzzy ears and i almost secretly wish the hair wouldn't fall off of them and they could just be hairy forever. i don't think she'd appreciate that as a teenager though.

oh man. a teenager. i wish it would never come.

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