Thursday, April 12, 2012

come quickly

my dad knows everything. he's a wealth of spiritual knowledge. one of my biggest regrets in life is not talking to him and listening to him more growing up. so now when i go back to visit i love getting to spend time with him, i learn something precious every time. seeing him meant even more this time around when i got to bring my own daughter with me and learn amazing things from him about her. seeing them react makes it so easy to have an eternal perceptive, to remember where we came from and why we're here. he said to her how it had been a long time since they had seen each other. i love how when i'm with my dad all of our pre-mortal experiences don't seem so fairy-tale and distant. talking to him makes things of the spirit more real than things of the flesh. that's how things should be, i just forget about it during regular day today life. that's why i'm so grateful for times like this with my dad to inspire me.

we named kahree after me, "kahree" is the name my dad picked out for my middle name. and i can't believe i never asked him what it meant until this weekend. i think i assumed it was just something that sounded neat that he made up, like all my other sibling's crazy names. but i still knew that my sibling's names also have some spiritual meanings. maybe all of them do, i just never asked. it wouldn't surprise me if the names my dad came up with for his 10+ children were all spiritually inspired. some years ago my dad told me that my name means "Christ" because it's the feminine version of "Shiloh," which is another name in the Bible for the Savior.

on Easter morning i was rocking kahree and talking to my dad and i asked him where kahree came from. he pointed upwards. i wasn't sure if he knew i meant her name, not just her, so then i asked him what it meant. he said it means "come quickly." he said he didn't know that's what it meant until a little while after i was born. so my name altogether means "Savior, come quickly." And my daughters name is an echo to that.

Savior, come quickly, come quickly.

this really strikes something in my heart. all growing up i was a very stressed out young thing, i used to get ulcers when i was little worrying about finances or poor children in third world countries. one of the things i worried most about was the end of the world. for some reason i was worried that it would happen too soon, before i'd get to grow up and have a family. now that i do have a family i had kind of forgotten about that fear. now i wish i had never feared for that at all. i should be eager for the second coming of my Savior. my name is a praise to His return. i have so much desire now to live up to my name. i want to live my life in a way that makes me and my family prepared to see Him again. i want to inspire those around me to stand in holy places and look forward to His coming.

that was my wonderful Easter experience. i know Christ lives and i know he will come again.

Savior, come quickly, come quickly.

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