Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter weekend

we were so happy to get to spend easter with my family again this year, this time with little babyk! we flew up to spokane on thursday and flew back home on monday. it was such a wonderful trip. we're so glad we ended up flying this time, it was a little more expensive than driving but so much easier and we had more time to spend with my family. thankfully kahree was the BEST little traveler. she was either quiet or sleeping for the whole time during both flights. i didn't get to sit next to craig on the flight there which was a little stressful, i was really nervous having to feed her in between a couple strangers but they were really understanding. i love nursing but i try to still stay modest and not to do it in public but when a baby is hungry feeding her is probably the right decision. or so i've heard.

[rocking the portland airport]

i love how family friendly airports are! they let me leave her in the carrier while we went through security so i didn't have to wake her up and on the way home we got to board really soon and get a spot together because we had a little one under five. my fears of flying with [not even] two month old have been erased! it made us a little too bold maybe. when we got home we actually took her to her first movie. really we just wanted to see a movie and we decided to try to take her along. another fabulous success but i think we got lucky.

[spokane airport]
spending time with my family was so wonderful. i missed them so much and we had such a good time that i didn't want to leave. i'm really glad kahree got to meet so many of her aunts and uncles and cousins and meet her grandpa and great grandpa. she even recognized my mom when she saw her in the airport, she was being really quiet and solemn when we got off the plane but when my mom walked up to her she smiled so huge and gave out the biggest squeal! she loved her grandpa so much and they spent a lot of time together. i love how much my little brothers and nephews adored her, they were so sweet and gentle. kahree even got to see her "aunties" bethie and sierra [she's really sierra's cousin but sierra asked to be an honorary aunt, cousin just doesn't sound epic enough] who showered her with fancy clothes. kahree was pretty stylish all weekend long.

when we went to visit my grandpa craig took some four generation pictures of us. they are some of my favorite pictures ever now, i love that we had that opportunity. my grandpa is very dear to my heart and seeing him hold kahree was an amazing experience. i've been feeling more and more lately that family is even more important and wonderful than i ever knew. it's what this whole life is about. this little family that i wake up to every day means everything to me. craig and kahree and all my future children are what i live for.

[snuggling in grandma and grandpa's bed. she slept ridiculously well every night!]

[visiting great grandpa]

 [spending time with grandpa]

[can you tell they're related?]

[she loves her grandma]

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