Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 months

as much as i love how nice and cool a bottom floor apartment is in the summer it's a little sad how poorly lit all my pictures are now. i guess natural light has a hard time reaching you when you're under ground. it's something we just have to roll with, just know that my daughter didn't turn into an oompa-loompa at 5 months.

kahree is rolling and pussing herself up better and better all the time. she's also getting better at moving around and wiggling, especially when i don't want her to. we've been exclusivly co-sleeping from the begining and kahree used to take her naps all in her swing until she turned 3 months old and then she suddenly needed to sleep laying down on her side. so she's been napping on our bed which is pretty high up at our new apartment. well the other day while she was napping i heard a sickening THUMP from the kitchen along with her crying. she had fallen off the bed! she never wakes up without me hearing her and i had no idea she could move to far or even how she landed the way she did, on her tummy facing the bed. i cried for a good twenty minutes and she cried for maybe two and then laughed at me the rest of the time. so she was fine but again, like seems to be the trend for these monthly updates, not my best mom moment.

after that incident craig's mom got us a crib mattress and we started taking naps in there and soon we're going to start teaching her to sleep in there at night. slowly though, i'm not totally ready to give up my night time snuggles. other than that she's been eating solids every few days, nothing too seriously but she really likes it so i make sure she gets it at least a couple times a week. and sometimes we give her bites of fresh fruits and veggies off our plate, it's fun!

this summer has been SO much fun so far. there have been days that are so happy it almost hurts. we spend lots of time together and having adventures, most of them involving tasty summer food. we also spend plenty of time at home watching fun shows and movies and just being together. i've also been running really consistently since she turned 2 months and it's really wonderful, i love it. i've never been able to stick with running or any exercise really but i think i'm finally ready to keep it in my life. it's really good "me time." i don't mind taking kahree but i don't often, she usually stays with craig and gets her daddy time when i leave. i'm hoping to run a 5k before the end of the year. i can't wait!

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