Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a tragedy of sorts

in june my good friend marlee was flying to washington with her scrumptious baby to visit her relatives. she had an one hour layover in portland so we went to see her and meet said scrumptious baby. this isn't the tragedy. the tragedy is that every picture craig took of ivy and kahree meeting for the first time turned out terribly blurry. the shutter speed was completely off or something equally hard to understand and this is the only picture that remotely turned out. i was pretty torn up about it. still am. plus now i'm super extra motivated to learn how to shoot in manual without messing everything up.

at least we have the memories.

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  1. YES. i was looking at your blog and here am i! i like this picture. it looks like we are the only ones not rushing around like maniacs. smelling the roses. and the babies.


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