Tuesday, July 31, 2012

summer bucket list

we've already done some pretty awesome things this summer that i would've put on a bucket list if i had made one a little sooner than, oh, just now. things like frozen yogurt every week, family walk to our new favorite thai place, going to the beach TWICE, going to a concert, going to the zoo, barbeques and other amazingness. so if this bucket list seems lacking bear in mind that it's only what we have left to do, since we've already been rocking this summer. rocking it like a chair. a rocking chair.

-go to the coast one more time and eat at Mo's
-have a tiny picnic
-go to portland saturday market
-eat delicious ice cream from the salt & straw 1,000,000 more times
-go to the farmer's market again
-shooting together [i'm out of practice and recently decided i should learn how to fight bad guys]
-go to one more movie [probably moonrise kingdom]
-celebrate our anniversary [with CHEESECAKE FACTORY]
-go on dress-up dinner date [i'm thinking red lobster]
-take a trip to seattle [yeeeeesh]
-maybe san fransico??
-maybe go to a fair. we never manage to make it to one though. never.

we've been having the time of our lives this summer. last night we made s'mores over a bonfire with our friends matt and jenny after playing with animals at the pet store. i mean, how COOL is that? we spent so much of our relationship and marriage being total homebodies with horrible work schedules and we never did anything or went anywhere. now we go out all the time, baby in tow, just for the fun of it. and we stay in all the time too, watching movies and snuggling and playing games. i'm having a hard time describing exactly how glamourus our life feels right now because most of those things maybe sound like things you do when you don't have anything else to do but really, we're getting to do our favorite things all the time. and don't even get me started on the food. so much tasty food. i'm so glad i get to be a mom and clean, bake and cook all day because dude, dude. DUDE. it's my calling.

and now i leave you with this picture of my daughter that makes me laugh and laugh.


  1. Again I must tell you how awesome your kid is!
    AND... If you would like we would totally go with you to the saturdays market AND a fair. I was just telling Andrew how I am dying to go to one. MN has a crazy huge fair every year and its been 2 years since we have gone. I find that very unacceptable! I have a feeling you will love the saturday market.

    1. You'll only think so until you have perfect little Meisters running around, trying to run the world ;]

      I'm all for that! I've never been to a fair and I'd love for this to be the year. Let's find one. I love Portland's Saturday market and it's been WAY too long since we've been, like probably before we got married. Yikes.

  2. okay, I am glad you have at least been to the saturday market! I thought for some CRAZY reason you had never been! Phew! And its a deal on the fair! I will ask around for the BEST one to go to!

    hahahaa perfect little meisters.. I think thats an oxymoron.

    ALSO, I forgot to tell you that we (I) will watch your little darling anytime you would like! Offer is ALWAYS there!


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