Tuesday, November 20, 2012

thank you thank you thank you

this year i'm thankful for:

  • the birth of my daughter. she is my joy, i love her so and every day with her has been worth it.
  • a second anniversary with my husband. he's the very best.
  • our new puppy and the blessing she's turning out to be.
  • our new apartment and how much it feels like home.
  • an amazing AMAZING summer full of food and adventures and down time with my two favorites. i'll always miss summer 2012, there were times when i was so happy it hurt and i'm so grateful for that.
  • a trip to seattle that ended up being the best vacation of my life.
  • a long and inspiring visit back home with my family.
  • craig's life-changing promotion and pay raise and his new pay raise last week [eek!]
  • getting to leave a job i didn't love and finding a new job that i do love
  • new friendships and meaningful relationships
  • the chance to start running and sticking with it
  • losing all the baby weight [seriously, SO thankful]
  • every single date night
  • say anything and mewithoutYou coming out with new albums that spent a lot of time on repeat in our car
  • tea and cookies and frozen yogurt
  • the hobbit coming out soon
  • alright, this is getting ridiculous.
really though. really. best year of my life. thanksgiving is this week, and then christmas next month, and then my birthday, and then kahree's first birthday, and then craig's birthday and graduation, and time just flies right by and it seems to get better and better. what a treat this life is, i'm glad i signed up for it and that i get to spend it with craig and kahree. i think if i go on any longer i'll burst into tears [mom hormones, am i right?] so i'm just going to leave you with some freaking adorable and blurry pictures and we'll call it a day. have a fabulous holiday with your loves ones and don't forget that this life is oh so sweet.


  1. You guys are just SO awesome and we are super lucky to be your friends! CONGRATS on losing all the baby weight! I did not know that! I am WAY proud of you! Also I just love the pictures of Kahree and that stinking adorable dog of yours. Any time you need a sitter just holler! We absolutely adore that daughter of yours.

    1. Yeah, a lost it all plus a little more, but I just remembered the first time we met I was already pregnant! Haha for some reason that's funny to me. Thanks for helping me lose it all =] You're awesomesauce.


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