Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy halloween, and may the force be with you

kahree makes everything a thousand times more enjoyable and halloween, we found, was no different. kahree wore her chewbacca costume bravely for two days straight, i wore my princess leia getup a lot less bravely (how DID she keep her dress so white through all that?), and i thought craig was a most handsome hon solo. we did a lot more errands and went a lot more places than we normally do most days and i think it might have secretly been because we wanted as many people as possible to see how adorable kahree was as a wookie. i think i want to wear matching costumes every year. next time, lord of the rings? batman? we'll just have to see.

we celebrated at the church halloween party and with trunk-or-treating the night before halloween and with candies and snuggles in bed waiting for trick-or-treaters the night of. i may have decided to never go trick or treating. we didn't this year because our only excuse is still too tiny for candy but maybe we just won't ever start. i love giving out candy and we love being at home together more than anything right now so i'm entertaining the idea of having harvest parties at home, in costume, on halloween, cooking chilli and having corndog eating contests, snuggling and watching tim burton movies. just thinking about it makes me excited for halloween 2013.

the first pictures are of kahree and me at my new work the day before halloween. i work at a preschool now supervising a playtime group 6-9 hours a week and i really love it. it's the perfect job and although it came out of nowhere and i wasn't looking for anything like it i'm glad it found me. i can take little babyk with me and she gets to play with kids and toys and craig gets a little bit of time to finish his schoolwork in the evening. i don't know how long i'll do it for but right now it's making life a little more crazy and a little more sweet. no matter how much i feel like i'm losing my mind sometimes i'm sure i'll look back on this autumn time fondly, when my puppy was rambunctious and small, when my home was a quaint apartment, and when my daughter was tiny, and snugly, and for a few days, a wookie.

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