Friday, May 17, 2013

april photo roundup

we are going to kick this blog back into shape.

let's start with april.

[april was full of sunshine and lots of time outside]

 [she can be so cute when it's time to get ready for bed, i think she's trying to distract us]

[loving the grass. and the dirt. and the rocks.]

[i don't know why this happened or how i got a picture of it. but it is awesome.]

[pepper is getting so big!]

[family night at red robbin. kahree made that face special for the picture. so did craig.]

[we love eggs! nom nom nom]

 [carrying all her treasures]

[seriously, all of them. she walks around chanting "stiiiiiiick, stiiiiick!" but she leaves them outside like a champion]

[i had to distract her for a while at the store, so we went to the pet food aisle. she spent a long time kissing every puppy she saw. i'm so smart]

[so this was awesome. she ran away before i could put her shirt on and came back with her crown and scepter. i can be okay with that]

[like she owns the place]

[mauling charlie, the family cat. he has patience for no one but her]

[and then there was a tutu and a turtle face. are you jealous of my life yet?]

[we decided to play with ALL our plush toys. at the same time]

[leave me alone, mom. i'm talking on my elmo phone]

[for some reason she likes getting into my drawers and trying on ALL my clothes. i'm not sure about that one]

[first day ever leaving her hat on. it lasted for four hours!]

[watching pooh bear and taking it easy after a bad night]

[she's such a lady]

[feeling better after getting some medicine for her ear infection. such a relief]

[she's like, perfect]

[hanging out at the park with aunt catie]

[waiting to go out and looking just too good doing it]

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