Sunday, February 20, 2011

I just can't see it...

I wear glasses all the time. I NEED them. I wake up in the morning, reach over, and put them on. I don't take them off until I crawl into bed at night. I got a couple new cheapy pairs last fall but they're wearing out already because of work and I have to clean them SO MUCH. I really just want one pair of nice, fancy glasses. Craig and I wear trying to figure out what kind I should get someday. Here's a few ideas-

That first pair can be filled with any color ink you want! Pretty neat, I say. What I've always wanted is a pair like the last one, but Craig doesn't think they're cute on me. I hope I can find the perfect pair soon, and for the perfect price. 


  1. i reeeeeeeeeeally like the first pair. then i fell in love with the blue and brown ones with flowers on the side. but you're hott in anything :]

  2. second to last one, SECOND TO LAST ONE.

    it is dire. it is mustful.


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