Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Lovely

Being sick is absolutely no fun. We all know this. As I've learned this week it's an especially strange experience to have to plan when you are going to be sick. I picked this weekend and long story short it's just as unpleasant as I was promised it'd be. Headaches, cramping, diarrhea [yikes, i thought they were kidding, but it was legit!], nausea and lots of puking. My antibiotics my doctor gave me make me sick and I keep puking up my anti-nausea pills! Finally last night, after not being able to fall asleep with the pain, I took my first vicodin, which I must say, is probably my new favorite drug. But I'm blah blah blahing, honestly it's been a wonderful time despite all this. I got to take work off and now I'm enjoying time with my husband, watching movies and playing our DS games! He was a doll and got me jamba juice this morning when I was still having trouble keeping solid food down [somehow I thought eating two sets of ribs last night was a good idea, who knew 8 hours later they'd still refuse to stay in my stomach]. I feel much better now and a great new friend of mine, Alys, was completely sweet and brought us dinner. Juice, lemonade, ice cream, crackers and the most delicious chili; and I'm keeping it down so far! I'm so excited. It was such a wonderful thing to do, I can't believe people could be so nice to me but she really is a great new friend. I hate being sick, I love my husband, and I love my new friend!

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