Monday, February 21, 2011

But I'm wearing jeans....

I follow a lot of really amazing blogs by a lot of reeeally amazing women, all of whom have beautiful and unique styles. I wouldn't say that all of them are strictly "fashion blogs" but they do post pictures of their adorable [and for me, inspiring] outfits on a regular basis. I guess in my head I pictured this new blog of mine being like a day to day journal with photos of things like delicious food we have, awesome adventures we go on, and chronicling things we make/buy to be ready for our soon to be thousands of babies. In my heart I did secretly hope to be able to include some fashion pictures as well. Sadly, with my recent health issues and weight gain, my style has been rather lazy and overall...lacking. Especially since I can't dress up for work! [No skirts, short, or dresses. Sigh.] Somehow I ended up with a husband who, unbelievably, thinks I'm cute no matter what I'm wearing. He thinks my laziest outfits are adorable and this combined with his developing talent of taking the loveliest photos we have my first attempt at a "what I'm wearing" type post. So here you are, I'm wearing jeans, my husbands pictures make me look cuter than I really am, and I'm happy about all of it =]

Our car's name is Morpheous. He helps make our life awesome.

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