Monday, February 14, 2011

It's just one day

Today is Valentine's Day. It's also my six month anniversary of marriage. On top of that it's been exactly 25 months since my husband Craig and I became a couple. I love Valentine's Day, even before I had my other half to share it with it was always a fun holiday. My mom always let us make a big deal out of it, giving us candy and letting us give out valentines. I wish everyone could enjoy it, too many times do there seem to be too many reasons to be grumpy on this commercial holiday. I picture a perfect world where everyone loves Valentine's Day! Also in this perfect world there is a Santa Clause and no taxes...

My hubby and I had big plans for today, cute things were carefully planned to make sure it was the "perfect" Valentine's day. Things didn't quite go as planned today. Our world may have shifted a little, or a lot. Somehow, amazingly, I still feel completely loved and happy. I'm grateful for that and I'm glad that I've grown out of my moody, dramatic youthful phases where I remembered all the bad things that had ever happened to me by their date. I won't remember today for the sad things that happened. Dates are for celebrations, for anniversaries, for holidays, for vacations! And for birthdays. I hope to have many of all these things scattered all over my life.

We managed to start an excellent tradition together this week when we found boxes of awesome valentines for 50 cents each! Such a steal! We sat together on Sunday writing them out for people we love [he wrote names and I folded and put the little heart stickers on] =] Happy Valentine's day!

Oh, and potted flowers from Craig ;] Those of you in Washington may have to wait a few days for yours to come in the mail...they're worth the wait!


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  1. Those of you in Washington are waiting for Valentine's cards. Not flowers :P


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