Monday, August 15, 2011

anniversary adventures part one: tidal raves

last year craig and i honeymooned along the oregon coast and stayed in depot bay. i love depot bay so much, it's absolutely stunning. craig and i are kinda like old people because we like to do the same things over and over again. like going back to depot bay for our anniversary, staying in the same hotel, and eating dinner at the same restaurant. i even got the same meal: cioppino. i've seriously been dreaming of this dish for months now. last year was the first time i ever had cioppino and i was in love. this is time number two. still incredible.

 the beauty of cioppino. it's like taking bites out of the ocean.

craig got seagull bread like he did last year but instead of some noodley concoction he chose a spinach and shrimp bisque. i think he liked it even better. i told him to look excited. he looked way too excited.

no seagulls were harmed in the making of that bread.  

the name of the restaurant is tidal raves. and the view is simply fantastic. sometime we'll take a charter out and see if we can spot some whales. maybe next year. this year, i'm still scared of the ocean.

last year when we were having dinner at the tidal raves a sweet old lady came up to us and asked us if we were honeymooners. either it was obvious [we're still pretty gross and mushy all the time, it sickens even US somedays] or she had that extra awesome old lady intuition. she told us when her and her husband got married they honeyed mooned in depot bay and they were there that night eating dinner and celebrating their 50th anniversary. how incredible and adorable is that? i loved it so much. i never want to forget it.

after dinner we went to find the italian man who sells paintings in depot bay. last year we wondered into his shop and he was trying really hard to sell us something but we were newly wed and poor and just couldn't spare a hundred, not even for a stunning robert lyn nelson nautical print i fell in love with. in the end, he just handed it to us and said congratulations and come back again someday. we were so thrilled! it was the most amazing honey moon gift we came away with. this year we went back in hopes of really purchasing a painting. he was still there, and when we asked if he remembered us he sure remembered the painting! he was getting ready to move shop down the coast to another town so things were a little cheaper. we bought a print with a white elephant and two tigers that i adored from last year, i was SO glad it was still there! we also walked away with another robert lyn nelson for only twenty dollars. i hope we can still find him next year. it's one of my favorite traditions now.

this is the robert lyn nelson we got this year. i can't ever find pictures of the one we got last year and i actually haven't seen it since we got it, it's been in california so grandma bev can frame it. i hope i can show it to you soon, all hung up and everything.

next up: adventures at the newport aquarium, tillamook pioneer museum, and the tillamook cheese factory.

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