Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

one crazy, busy week of preparing and making sure everything was perfectly in place and it's finally here. now i'm exhausted from all the relaxing we got to do today. no joke. being pampered is hard work.

craig woke up early before church to go get my secret, surprise present. i've never even seen an edible bouquet in real life! it was so pretty and so far still super tasty.

craig got all dressed up in the suit he married me in to go to church and teach his new primary class [so proud of him, it's adorable]. i wore a dress that wasn't really fitting my expanding areas but the accessories almost made up for it. the gorgeous necklace was a gift from my sister jolain, she made it for me to wear when i got married. the earings were worn the same day, and i also wore the same boots and tights i wore under my wedding dress. my dad said they made me look like an elven princess. which obviously made my day. you know, besides marrying the love of my life. 

after a glorious five hour nap we got to work on our first attempt at homemade sushi. everything turned out so bomb. especially our first batch of sushi rice. it was perfect, not mushy or crunchy, and so so sticky [i had been worried]. after all the cooking and chopping craig took over with his new found, mad sushi rolling skills. he was combining sauces and ingredients like nobodies business. it was so much fun, and so so tasty. i want to make sushi forever. we had enough for two meals [and i mean pregnant people meals] and barely scratched the surface of all of our ingredients [how long does wasabi keep? anyone?]

we bought fancy little wasbi-soy sauce bowls and matching fancy chopstick sets. somehow they magically matched our new rug, which really ties the room together, and our fancy coasters. fancy fancy fancy. oh, also, we eat on the floor in front of the tv. always. like kings.

my husband took all the fancy pictures. here's what i got for you.

oh, and cupcakes. we got strawberry filled and red velvet to roughly match our wedding cake.

i love being married. from now on every time we celebrate our anniversary we'll have babies. i say babies instead of kids/children because i'm not ready for them to grow up yet. we're just getting started.

i pray for so many more.


  1. im the same way...all i want is a house full of kids and my loving loving love. Jamie is so far set at three, but im sure after we have three he wll want 3 more :] we make the cutest and bestest!

  2. I am so impressed with the Sushi. When I come to meet the baby, maybe Craig can make some more and we can eat on the floor and everything. Of corse, maybe it will be a little weird with your mother but maybe not. Love you and your posts.


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