Saturday, August 6, 2011

things i'm looking forward to

in crazy random order:

  • maybe moving to another cooler, nicer apartment sometime soon. maybe. i'd love a clean start or a bigger space for the babybluebear. 
  • not working anymore once baby-blue is here. YAY!
  • craig's exciting, possible new job opportunities. crossing my fingers on all of them.
  • our one year WEDDING anniversary this month! don't worry, i can't believe it either. it's absolute insanity. 
  • going to seattle for vacation. at the end of this month. i. am. dying. of. excitement.
  • a newly planned washington visit at the end of september. i want to see my mommy :D
  • finding out if this little baby is really a boy. early september!
  • all of the crazy, intense, and exciting projects and goals i have planned for the next few months. 
  • feeling my baby move!*
  • getting some sort of legit baby bump for me to show off 

*it might be a lot longer than it normally would be before craig and i can feel this baby kick and squirm. during our last ultrasound the technician mentioned my placenta is forming on the very very front of my uterus, which she assured me was fine, but i wondered if it would get in the way of me feeling my baby. my mom told me she had one baby with a frontal placenta and she said it takes longer for you to feel the baby and then for others to feel the baby. it also takes longer to hear the heartbeat with just a doppler [which we have yet to do successfully] for much longer. this makes me really, really mad at the placenta. even more than before. stupid placenta. keep my baby alive, and then we're through. through i tell you.

now, look at adorable pictures of my handsome little prickly love. bruce is way excited for a little brother. he told me so.

i love my little family. quils and fins and amniotic fluid and all.

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