Saturday, November 12, 2011

28 weeks, again, this time with pictures

i feel a lot more chipper right now that i have been the last couple days. whenever i get super stressed out craig tells me to "sleep breathe." it's a relaxation breathing technique we learned about in my hypnobirthing birth to help get you into a relaxed state throughout labor. i'm supposed to be practicing it anyway and whenever i'm stressed is a good time, if i can't keep my cool over little things how do i expect to get through the strenuous act of birthing my baby with a cool head, right? right...yikes.

as vain as it is i always feel more inclined to be cheerful when i feel like i don't look like a dump. today was not a dump day, my belly looks cute and therefore had to be photographed and documented. you get how this works by now. blogging is sometimes my version of being a wicked stepmother and chanting "mirror, mirror on the wall" to get positive, encouraging responses. and i try not to be too ashamed of it... anyways, lookit my cute baby bump everyone!! there's a baby in there!

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