Saturday, November 26, 2011


oh hello. it's been a while. and then it was a while before that. i have lots of things to talk about and document, and i'll probably get to them all at once when i'm finally through procrastinating. in the meantime though, here's some random, miscellaneous instagram pictures from my phone that just aren't special enough to have a blog post of their own. enjoy!

this happened hours before i actually had to be awake. those required nightly trips to the bathroom are just starting to creep into my schedule. also, you can see how far i've come by the appearance of my husbands clothes into my own wardrobe. and that's just the beginning. this sweater was worn for three days. i think i changed my pants though, but i can't promise you that.

a dear friend back home in washington just sent me a baby swing. craig and i taught her son's primary class at school and she just had a baby girl about six months ago. my mom and i went to visit her when i was in washington for my baby shower and i told her how much i loved her baby swing, it caught my attention because craig and i had been looking for one we liked in our price range with no luck. so she bought me the exact swing and mailed it to me. and it's magnificent. it's way nicer than anything we would've picked out. i love her, she was so generous, and i feel like this baby is already way more spoiled than she even knows. our apartment is back to normal now but the baby room is still a forced mess, so i've been building all the baby equipment to satisfy my nesting desires. craig would be much better at it but it makes me feel capable when i can put together a baby swing all by myself.

rare okay-ish hair day. usually when i gain and lose weight it shows up in my face first, my cheeks are very good at holding a chub. but that hasn't been the case with this pregnancy. i keep waiting to get squirrel-faced but as far as i can tell it hasn't happened yet. this is what we call exciting. celebratory mirror picture commenced.

p.s. i pronounce miscellaneous with a hard "c" sound, even when i'm in public. i do the same thing with the word "muscles." musk-els. my kids are going to have no idea how to talk like real people.

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