Tuesday, November 15, 2011

christmas tree

when i moved to oregon craig drew a picture of a christmas tree and taped it to the wall of his new apartment and put our presents under it. last year as boring, lazy newlyweds we didn't even go that far. i figured we'd start getting trees and ornaments next year when there's a little baby girl to be excited about it with us. but, like most good things that happen to us are usually caused by, craig found a good deal. and we bought our first christmas tree together this week.

it came out of a box, the branches needed to be shaped by hand, and it doesn't have a smell but it's so wonderful that it makes me tear up at least once a day. we've collected a few inexpensive but super shiny/glittery ornaments and we have the cutest little string of colored lights. i love having this little tree around, i love lighting it up late at night and getting snuggly and feeling all christmassy. christmas trees just can't be beat.

we're still on the lookout for a new star. next year we'll go out with kahree and pick out a tiny little live tree to put up along with this one. i'm already looking forward to it so much.

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