Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a sweet shower

i loved my baby shower. it was seriously the sweetest. my friend alys did such an amazing job pulling it together and i felt so overwhelmed by all the encouragement and love from everyone. every time i sit down and try to finish writing thank you notes i just can't believe how sweet everyone was. it helped me feel so much more prepared for having a baby and like i really have a strong support system of wonderful friends.

alys and her cute kids made the tastiest brunch and only let me help a little. the little candy popcorn favor bags were just too cute. i love these kids, by the way. i want glee to be our babysitter for years. our friend brooke made the cupcakes and the hanging pom poms which i thought were so awesome, alys let me take them home to hang up in our baby room.

at one point i left my camera on and laying around somewhere until the battery died so we didn't get pictures of all the guests and only the most embarrassing pictures of me. but i'll be a good sport, this is probably what i look like 90 percent of the time so at least i'll remember what i really looked like at 37 weeks.

after receiving our amazing gifts and taking them home craig and i ran to target just before work with our coupons and gift cards and got everything else on our registry that i wanted to have before baby kay arrives. finally feeling like we had all the essentials and the things that we needed was such a good feeling. i spent the rest of the weekend nesting and organizing all of our new baby things. now that i feel mostly prepared to keep an infant alive we're just so excited for her to finally get here. so close!

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