Thursday, March 29, 2012

baby blessing

on the 18th of this month kahree received a special blessing from her daddy and had her name officially given to her at our church. it's a very special occasion for new babies and families of our faith and something i was looking forward to very, very much. 

we had a rough and busy morning trying to get out the door and i was doing my typical stressed out everythingisruinedforever thing and craig had to remind me what mattered most, which wasn't how cute she looked or if she cried throughout the whole thing but instead the special experience that was going to take place. and it truly was wonderful, i hope i can remember all about it forever. as an added bonus she did look super adorable, as you can see, and she didn't cry one bit, she slept through the whole thing. she is a ridiculously good baby. it's almost like she isn't real. doesn't she just look like a little doll and not quite like a real, miniature human? or maybe like a teeny tiny angle statue. except for warm and cuddly and just the best.

i love these two more than pretty much everything ever. 

p.s. i'm so glad kahree has aunts and uncles and grandparents who love seeing pictures of her. otherwise i'd have trouble hiding my obsession with posting way too many pictures of this kid's squishy face.

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