Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sweet potatoe [sweetie] pie

do me a giant favor? pretend i posted this a month and a half ago. on june 17th, right after kahree turned 4 months old. because that's when it happened. i promise.

let's talk about solids for a second. solids are a little scary. nursing is a little less scary, mostly because you know it's not going to kill your baby. solids might, especially if you start too soon [that's scientific fact. i checked]. i didn't think i'd be feeding kahree ANYTHING for a loooong time that i didn't make with my know. but then she started grabbing food off our plates at a very young age and it started getting intense. she was vicious about trying to eat food. she's like a tiny dinosaur. you KNOW this. so as soon as she was a 4-monther we sat her down, pulled out the baby bullet, and let her try sweet potatoes.

i fully expected her to take a couple bites and be done. but then she fell in love.

it went a little something like this:

"what? we're trying real food? sweet!
 wait, that stuff? what is that?
i'm not so sure mom, but i guess i'll try it
 gulp! hmmm....
very interesting...
i love it!
give me more! more!
this stuff is DELICIOUS!
you're not feeding me fast enough, so i'll just eat it off my bib.
this is going to be great fun, mom."
and it has been. this is what we were left with, she ate almost the whole jar!

we've tried lots of stuff since. i made her sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, avocado and spinach. she liked everything but the avocado which she gags on and throws up every time. she also pretty much likes everything i feed her off my plate. i feed her lots of spicy things, mexcan and thai is fair game, even curry. i try to giver her mostly unprocessed, fresh, basic things and no dairy or sugar. so far nothing bothers her tummy and she gobbles up everything. we're still nursing just as much as always but she seems to appreciate the extra nourishment. cute little monster. we're having fun with this one =]

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