Friday, August 17, 2012

6 months

my little daughter turned six months old this week. six months! she's half a year old already. where is it all going to? i can hardly stand to see her get so big but i adore who she's becoming. for a couple months there i was longing to have my tiny newborn back, but six months is amaaaaazing. it's my favorite stage so far. she's so bright and intense and into life.

she's a big kid. i'm glad she hasn't gotten too heavy for me to carry around yet but some days i swear she's half my size. she's been sleeping in her new crib in her own room all night for almost two weeks now and it's AWESOME. i missed her so bad the first few nights but she seems so much more comfortable now.

a few more things she's been doing lately include eating like crazy every day and, wait for it, crawling. crawling! she did a real crawl yesterday. that's rare though. for the rest of the weeks she's mostly just been wriggling around all over on her tummy, getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth, and my favorite, getting up on her hands and feet with her bum in the air and just staying there. for ages. it's so funny to me.

little kahree is my best buddy. i'm so lucky that i get to spend all my days with her. she's finally getting a little more snuggly and she talks to me all day long. i can't wait until she uses real words and tells me all about the big things she has in her brain. i can't wait to see who she becomes. right now i just love who she is.

p.s. shooting in manual still seems to be working. i figured out how to use my camera's timer today! please be impressed, it was hard.


  1. How long do you think it will be before she gets all those books out of the bottom shelf of the bookcase?

  2. You guys are SO cute. I miss you!


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