Thursday, August 9, 2012

m is for manual

here are some of the first few successes from my epic journey with learning to shoot in manual, unedited and in all their armature glory. long story short i spent one whole day thursday completely clueless with a full black screen and wondering what buttons helped me adjust my aperture. the next day i read about 10 helpful guides and everything just clicked. haha clicked, get it?

i find that i love the extra light a high ISO provides but i'm not a huge fan of the resulting grainy look for pictures of people [babies], i like it a little more for inanimate objects and photographing my apartment, craig doesn't like the grainy look at all. i need a fast shutter speed generally to keep that thrashing baby from looking permanently blurry so getting enough light in is a little tricky but possible with some tweaking. right now aperature is giving me the most trouble. i finally understand how it works and why and i know that most everyone these days likes having a shallow depth of feild and the nice, trendy, blurry background but i'm not sure it's my favorite look. i've always naturally composed photos so that the background didn't look too busy or cluttered and i just don't know if totally blurred is my thing yet. i'm mostly unsure about it because as far as i know at this moment the only way for me to adjust aperature is to switched from manual to apature priorety and fiddle with it and then switch back to manual to see how it looks. not exactly professional or time efficient. hopefully i'm just being dumb and haven't noticed the easy way yet.

a lot of that might have sounded like gibberish and i'm still not positive i have any idea what i'm talking about. but at least the pictures look okay, yeah? even though the aperture priority and shutter priority settings on my fabulous camera are divine i think i want to be one of those people who never takes my camera of "m," but i may go back on that and let myself use some of my cameras amazing scene settings if i need to take a picture in a hurry. seriously, how can i let 20ish perfectly constructed scenes go to waste? i just don't know if i can.


  1. They look great! I usually use AV mode, just cause its easy and usually with babies I would miss the picture if I fiddled with manuel.


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