Monday, August 27, 2012

baby jeans

this is my favorite outfit that kahree has ever worn. she's had some amazing clothes, especially in the 9 month size, but this combo is by far my favorite ever. she handles summer heat so well but i pretend she needs tank tops to stay cool. give me a break, when else will she be able to wear them?

how did my daughter get such blonde hair and such dark eyebrows and eyelashes? i'm not complaining. except for how i'd love to see her with darker hair. she has more of it than you'd think, it just gets so light at the end. goodness knows how much i want a baby with a full head of hair. sometimes i pretend it looks strawberry blonde in the sun. maybe someday. it is in her genes. baby genes. and jeans. because she's wearing tiny, cute baby jeans. see where i've tied this post in with the title? genius.

she's still only pretend crawling, she gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth, like she's winding up for take off. but then she gets up on her feet and very ineffectively tries to get around. i don't really mind though, even though it seems so inefficient. i love that she can still hang out with me all day while we watch netflix and craft after morning chores while we wait for daddy to get home so we can eat dinner and watch the twilight zone. yeah, our life is pretty awesome.

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