Thursday, October 25, 2012

the spice of my life

there really have been days when i've had to carry around both my babies at once. what should be more impressive to you is the amount of poo i've had to pick up while keeping them both alive. some days i feel like keeping them alive is all that i really accomplish but my dear, sweet husband makes me feel like a superhero for doing it. for all the diaper changes and pee-pee accidents that need to be cleaned up. i dunno, marvel probably won't make any comics about it but it's nice enough just to be appreciated by my tiny family. my family is so wonderful to me, especially the way my girls love to play together. occasionally they actually distract each other long enough for me to do something! usually cleaning up their latest mess but i'll take it.

i hope i keep my sanity long enough to hold many more babes on my hips and in my arms. and i hope i haven't torn all my hair out had it pulled out and bitten my little ones by the end of it all. wouldn't that be nice?

in other news, i've been drinking lots of tea, reading lot of kindle books, crocheting one granny square quilt, working on genealogy almost daily, slowly begging to illustrate a children's book and enjoying my new job. life is busy and full and oh so sweet.

in other, other news i've been dreaming with all my heart of adding a dark little baby boy from a distant land to our family. i fall asleep at night thinking about him and wishing for a world where we could afford to adopt no later than yesterday. you think with arms so full i wouldn't be so eager but i don't think my family could ever be too big, honest.

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