Saturday, July 30, 2011

basketball tournament

i love this man so much i woke up way too early to eat cliff bars all days and watch him play in his annual basketball tournament. if you've ever tried to get a pregnant woman out of bed sooner than she thinks she should be or been said pregnant woman getting out of bed way sooner than you know you should be then you understand the type of love i'm talking about. this is real sacrifice, people.

but really, i love watching his basketball tournaments. he's so good. and so TALL, everyone is pretty much terrified of him. i was so proud of his team, this year and last, for performing so well after practically no practice together. improvisation is their strong point. and being the most handsome team. fo sho.

my jobs are to hold the water [which i'm semi good at], cheer [which i get better at the more i think i know what's actually going on], and yell at incompetent score keepers [i'm super good at this. i had to stop those ladies from giving the other team our point about five times. psh, hoes.]

here's how else you know for sure i did this out of pure, true love: sweaty, muscular, sinewy man legs in short-shorts do nothing for me. i had absolutely no ulterior motives.

well, maybe a couple ulterior motives. for starters, there's this guy. he's super handsome. i want him to like me. watching sports is how you get guys to like you, right? also, he has to take me to a farmer's market now in return for me getting up early to cheer him on. someone tell him this so he knows. lastly, i love traditions. this is two years in a row that i've been there. next year i want to slather a little five month old in sunscreen and dress him up in a little team shirt so he can cheer for daddy. i've agreed that squirt will be good at basketball, but he does not have permission to play golf. it's going to take a lot more farmer's market trips for me to agree to golf. hint hint.

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