Friday, March 23, 2012

from scratch

 it's craig's 25th birthday tomorrow. today i attempted to make my first cake from scratch for him. it was eventually supposed to be an ice cream cake roll but i didn't even make it close to the ice cream part. after agonizing over the egg whites + sugar mixture for ages until they formed perfect, stiff peaks i lost it when it came to the dry mixture. i had way too much dry mixrure. so much that in the end i just added water and baked a cake flour brick because i didn't think there was anything else to do.

it was only hours later after re-reading the recipe the millionth time that i realized that what i thought said 5 cups of cake flour really said .5 cups of cake flour. good grief.

luckily i have a husband who was happy just eating the ice cream and this cute little girl to cheer me up.

take two on first cake from scratch will commence later this weekend, i'm not letting it beat me until after at least two more tries.

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