Thursday, March 15, 2012

life lately via instagram

We're having way too much fun together, this little one and I. We're still taking it easy and getting through every day with one part productive and one part lazy. Right now I'm enjoying the chaotic schedule of a newborn, with hugs and kisses and feeding and napping all happening whenever we feel like it.

Kahree has already grown and changed so much. I love all the funny little things she does right now. Like the big stretches she does when she wakes up and the special smiles she only gives me when we wake up in the morning. And how much she loves her bathes and hates getting dressed for the day. And when we sleep next to each other and she lays beside me with her hands pressed against my chest. And her new coos and growls and little sounds that almost sound like laughs.

I can't wait until she's laughing all out. She's such a joy to us. I don't think I've ever been happier.

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  1. Nasus wants to know if she has a shirt that says "my uncle is awesome".


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