Sunday, March 25, 2012

tummy time

this is going by way too fast. good thing babykay has that chubby tummy to weigh her down. i'm not ready for my little baby to be mobile! not for a long while.

this froggy blanket is pretty special. there's this lady who was born on valentine's day at the hospital where we delivered and every year on her birthday she brings hand made blankets for all the babies born on valentine's day. kahree didn't quite make the cut but she was supposed to be born on valentine's day so the lady left a blanket for her. i didn't get to meet her but i wish i could've said thank you, it was super sweet of her to bring soft, fun blankets for all those new little ones.

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  1. Shilah your baby is so beautiful!! I love seeing all your cute pictures of your family :) So happy for you and Craig!!


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